A question on early labour

** disclaimer - I am not in early labour at present

i may well change my mind about this when I am, but this is something I raised in my nct class and was shot down a little, so thought I would ask advice here.

i am not really a bath person although am having one everyday at present and fully intend to in early labour to help with pain relief, however, did anyone have a shower?

in my mind I would like to turn up to the hospital a little energised, which a shower always helps me with, but the gist of the nct group was that that wouldn't be relaxing and therefore could inhibit labour. I'm sure the answer to this is different strokes for different folks, but just thought I'd ask...


  • My order of events was... Waters broke, get in shower, blow dry and straighten hair, apply full face of make up, then ring hospital! Ha so yes kind of, but I didnt have pain. I couldn't really stand comfortably when the real in labour bit came so I personally wouldn't have, but if your comfy I'd do it x

  • Gbutterfly spent most of her labour in the shower I'm sure. I had a bath and then a shower but I did feel the bath was better for helping me to zone out as I could get into different positions and rest at the same time. The bath made me really hot and dizzy though whereas the shower woke me up again.

  • I got way too excited when I saw the title!!!

    I did neither as it all happened quite quickly for me but if you're not contracting too strongly I think a shower would be fine. I just remember that standing brought them on more but that was when I was already in 'established' labour. I guess you won't know yourself until it's happening xx

  • I had a shower early on. As pains started getting stronger and I was sure it was contractions I couldn't stay still and was moving all over so didn't like the thought of being in the bath. I got in the shower and had it on really hot and I could lean against the wall, kneel down with arms on side of the bath , have hot water hitting my lower back etc. I did this while waiting for H to get home as it kind of worked as a replacement to him being able to rub my back. Then later I had a bath but didn't stay in long until I got out to put tens on.

    Do whatever feels right. You will change what feels good from one minute to the next during labour so just go with the flow .

  • Darn it, was just about to go get my PP hat on..!

    If a shower is relaxing for you then go for it. Any number of things could inhibit labour in the early stages, so just go with whatever makes you happy and when things really kick off and you still want a shower then i'm sure it won't inhibit a thing!

  • I hate baths. I had 2 showers when in labour at the hospital with my son. It was a great distraction and when I was in lots of pain I just sat down until it passed and then carried on again :)

  • Thanks ladies and sorry for getting any hopes up.

    I struggle in the bath at home as it has no handles, so just lay there really, which doesn't appeal. I hoped the consensus would be whatever feels right at the time. I was surprised by the strength of feeling in the nct class though.

    Nenas, PP hat can go firmly back in the wardrobe I'm afraid, just remember where it is though in case tomorrow's sweep gets him moving. I've warned him that tomorrow a lady will be poking him in the face in the hope he would shift, but his general stance seems to be 'bring it on lady'. Don't know where he gets his stubborn streak from ;-)

  • I has a shower before I headed to the hospital. Never occured to me not to. Just had to lean against the wall and breathe through the contractions. Was glad to get the TENS back on when I got out though!

  • Neither! I wasnt inclined to i was happy bouncing on my ball with p befotr we went to hosp then had heart monitors on anyway

  • Go with what feels right for you.  That may be a bath, that may be a shower, it may be neither of those things.

  • My waters went at 11 pm and was due to head to hospital at 5am. I planned to have a shower before heading there but when it came to it i could only just manage to get dressed!!
  • My NCT lady said that a shower was a good idea and she recommended if that relaxed you/eased the pain, you should buy a stool to put in the shower for extra comfort.

  • I had a shower when in labour with L the running water was nice on my back. We dont have a bath so could not try it. Poor H ran me a bath at hospital but I could not get in as L was back to back and all the pain was in my back making lying or sitting painful x
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