Advice for a very sore bottom

S has come down with a bout of diarrhoea yesterday afternoon. I'm calling the docs today to get him checked out but his bum is red raw and he cries uncontrollably during nappy changes as soon as I touch it :(

I've switched to water and cotton wool instead of wipes and will let him have as much nappy off time as poss today but is there anything else I can do? Any magic solution? I think I read somewhere (the nappy lady?) about chamomile tea? Will check it out but any advice welcome. Thanks ladies x


  • Whenever O has had a v sore bum we have used metanium (the one in the yellow tube, not the everyday one). This stuff is magic, clears O up in a day or 2 every time. Otherwise I'd say water rather than wipes and as much nappy off time as you can allow. Hope he's better's so horrible seeing little ones poorly and in discomfort :-( xx

  • Thanks coco, I'll get some of that today!

  • I agree with metanium. We used it with k when she was sore on the health visitors reccomendation and it worked wonders.

  • Another vote for Metanium. Worked like magic on F's sore bum.

  • I used egg white a few times on Ms bum. Stored in a little container in the fridge and just smeared it on and left to dry, it worked surprisingly well. HV told me it wasn't advised dud to egg allergies but she was fine with it.

    If you are seeing doc anyway they should be able to prescribe something too

    Poor thing, hope he's better soon x

  • Thanks all. He's currently stark naked kicking around on a towel and seems perfectly happy. I don't think the upset tummy is affecting him, I think he was cross in the night that needing a happy change was disrupting his sleep! I've found a sample of bepanthen that I've put on him while he's having nappy off time abd until I can get to the shops.

    Weekender not heard of the egg white thing. He's not tried any solid food yet so not sure if the first time he has eggs it should be on his bum lol!

  • Poor little man :-( metanium is fab, Coco recommended it to me when O had a nappy rash and it cleared up so quickly. Hope it clears up soon xxx

  • Be warned with metanium it stains clothes so wash your hands before you touch anything after using it x

  • Jumping on the metanium bandwagon, it's fabulous stuff.

  • And another one for Metanium! Wonderful stuff, but as Jellytot says, it stains!!  Hope your LO gets better soon! x

  • Hey P, how's S doing? E is currently cutting a tooth and has got a really sore bum. It was so sore the other day It was really hurting her when I wiped and she kept trying to wriggle away. She ended up smearing poo everywhere including in her hair! I couldn't be mad tho - poor thing! I'm probably one of the few that son have much joy with metanium and find good ol' sudocreme slapped on really thick usually does the trick! Hope It's starting to clear up a bit now x

  • Normally metanium is great, but when G is teething her wee gets so acidic she gets raw patches on her bum and metanium doesn't touch it, we used cavilion no-sting barrier spray, you can buy it over the counter without prescription and it really is amazing stuff, after one application it is soo much better by the next morning, and the spray means you dont have to touch at all if they are really sore. Hope it gets better soon xx

  • Hi

     We have been using Vaseline since Ethan was born 41/2 months ago. He had soft poos before and so far he hasn't had any major rushes or problems

  • Hey mamaD, he's not too bad thanks. He's so sore though, gets really upset when I touch him. Had a real meltdown before bed bless him. I've put the metanium on him now, fingers crossed he sleeps ok. The runny tummy doesn't seem to be bothering him but he's really straining and no much is coming out :( am now wondering if a super-poop is on the way? Hope A cuts her tooth soon, so horrible for them :(

    Excitedbee I might look into that spray - he gets so upset when I have to touch his bottom. Sounds like it could be a good idea, thanks!

  • Had you tried a bit of baby massage on his tummy to help get things moving? I used to have to do that with A when she got horrendously constipated x

  • I actually do massage him quite a lot but hadn't done it for a few days. I tried it again last night but he was NOT in the mood lol, got pretty mad at me! Going to try it again today when he has his nappy off time. Hopefully it will help. He's not going as often and the rash is smaller, although just as red so I'm hoping it's getting better :)

  • Awww, poor little man! It's not nice. Hope it clears up and clears off over the weekend x

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