Advice on baby off colour

O had his second imms on wed, he was a bit off on wed afternoon but we gave him 2.5ml of calpol late afternoon and he seemed better. He was a bit grumpy on Thursday then on Thursday night he had a terrible nappy (cut him from his vest situ!) which I know was due to the imms. 

By Friday he had a really stuffy nose and was taking less of his feeds, between 3-4oz as opposed to 5oz which I think was perhaps due to his nose being blocked and struggling to breath, he was also being sick (more than normal!) Friday night he was really unsettled, mainly as he kept waking up because his nose was so blocked, he was then taking a good 5oz bottle but then more like 3or 4 on the next one and so on. 

By Saturday he was really tired and kept falling asleep during feeds, he then only took 3oz on two feeds in a row, he was crying really hard, had a rash on his tummy and back so we ended up at the hospital to get him seen. The doctor told us he thinks it was all a bad reaction to his rotovirus imms and to give calpol which we did on Saturday night. 

His rash seems better by today but his nose is so so stuffy. We're using saline inhailor spray and I'm taking him in the bathroom when I'm in the shower to try and help him. Do I give him calpol or not? He's 14weeks so I know he's 'allowed' it but I don't want to just give him calpol just like water. He keeps falling asleep and waking up crying but im not sure if it's frustration from not getting a good sleep or is he not well. I have a mega sore throat today so think it's the start of a cold and I hate to think he's hurting. 

Any advice appreciated. 


  • O was waking himself up at night with a blocked nose, we used the snufflebum congestion stuff (like Vicks) put it on a hanky and tied it too his cot bars which seemed to help. We have also used a humidifier at night which also helped? Does he sleep with the calpol?

  • Aw bless him - I was told by my GP friend that if you are undecided about giving calpol, then you should just give it.  It will do no harm (as long as you are within recommended doses obviously).  So I would give it to him if it makes a difference.  Hope he's better soon.

  • Thanks ladies. Noodle, the calpol helps him nod off but he's just waking up as he's stuffy (although he's not properly awake, his eyes are closed, he's just crying!) He also likes a dummy to help him fall asleep which he drops once he's sleeping but he's struggling to keep the dummy and get to sleep as he's startling himself when he can't get air.

    Alocin thanks for that, he's only had 2.5ml on wed afternoon and 2.5ml on sat night so he's well within the guidance. They're just so small and it worries me a bit that the calpol makes him seem sleepy but I guess he's knackered.

    We've just been out for a walk for an hour and a half and he's still fast asleep in the pram so I've left him sleeping. Hopefully he will be feeling a big better when he wakes x

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