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I've been pretty quiet on here as I still can't believe I've got so far with the pregnancy. Anyway yesterday after suffering for weeks my midwife sent me to my GP who diagnosed me with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme morning sickness) and gave me some anti-sickness tablets. I'd been getting worse and worse from the 9 th week , and was vomiting 6 times a day and hadn't managed to keep any food down in two days. Anyway the tablets worked well yesterday and I kept some toast down but vomited through the night and again today when I tried to eat, despite the tablets.

Has anyone been through this, do you have any tips on how to keep food down, or get nutrients? I'm 11 weeks and 1 day




  • First of all I really feel for you. HE is bloody horrible. It's a vicious cycle, can't eat so feel sicker, so can't eat etc.

    Try and take small sips of anything you can face, and nibbles of bland food. Also food that doesn't hurt on way back up! Pasta was ok for me but potatoes not good.

    I tried 3 different drugs and ended up on a drip for 3 days. If you're really struggling your gp can give you Cyclazine injected to get you to the point where you can eat and break the cycle. Give what you're on 2 days then go back if no better.

    Main thing is to keep hydrated. I are dextrose tablets to try and stop myself going into ketosis too.

    Mine was mostly under control by about 15 weeks and I was off the drugs by 28 weeks I think.

    Good luck, I hope it soon stops

  • Thanks for the advice Working Hard, did you have a problem with your 1st, 2nd or both pregnancies? I'm going to give out of hours a call if the tablets don't work by tomorrow, I feel like I'm being a drama queen but  I'm just so miserable and the poor OH is spending his life at the shops buying food that I think I could manage at that minute, or cleaning up after me iyswim.

    What works changes daily and for me pasta and anything cooked is out ( the smell gets to me) but oddly salt and vinegar crisps and ice lollies are working most of the time.

    I hope like you I've only got until 15 weeks to feel better, my GP warned me I could have it until I give birth.

    BLL xx

  • Number one i was very sick but not to the same extent, number 2 pregnancy was pretty sick initially.

    Ice lollies are good as help keep fluids up too.

    Once the drugs kicked in I was on irn bru and wotsits!

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