Hey lovey, how are you?

just wanted to ask have you been to the new swimming pool at the Michael Woods leisure centre?


  • Hey...this is going to sound terrible but no I havent and i literally live a 5 minute walk from it thinking about going? L goes to swimming at cowdenbeath but its shut just now x x he does the turtle tot classes x x im fine hows you? X
  • Were good thanks, god I can't believe your 37weeks! H is so so looking forward to taking O swimming, I tried to get a waterbabies class but they only do them weekdays so I called the turtle tots woman and she said the only level 1 classes they have at the weekend are Cowdenbeath but there are so many pools closer I was hoping to go to G'rothes or somewhere!

    I think Michael woods do their own swimming classes so was just wondering if you knew what the pool was like. Not sure what to do!

  • The pool at michael woods is supposed to be excellent I just never got the chance to go lol. x
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