Alcohol, caffeine and...? (X posted)

Hi all

Am cross posting this so I can get loads of fab advice. I am coming to the end of my six moths off TTC after the molar pregnancy. I have been tliking preconception vitamins pretty much since the ERPC and am now on prescribed folic acid. I have been going to the gym three times a week (for mental health as well as physical) 

Am going to cut out alcohol (apart from maybe a glass of red when AF shows), cut down on caffeine but is there anything else I need to eat more of or cut out? I am sure I read something about artificial sweetener (have this in tea and squash) but don't know if I imagined this?

Know you lovely MDers will be able to help! 

GB x 


  • Hey gb, hope you are doing ok?

    I don't think there is anything else. When I did ivf, the clinic recommended healthy and balanced but that a little treat wouldn't hurt - e.g I cut out caffeine in drinks but still had some chocolate! I haven't heard anything about sweetener. I know it's hard as you want to do everything possible to help yourself don't you?

    Good luck ttc and wishing you all the best x

  • I don't know of any other 'don'ts', from what I understand it's just 'everything in moderation' and keeping well. Good luck!

  • Thanks Lamby -I'm good thank you. Been a long few months but we are out the other side! I don't eat chocolate so that's why I will keep the occasional glass of red. Thanks for the advice.

    Thank you Counter. X

  • The occasional glass of red sounds good! I know it must be so difficult after loss' to be in any way laid back about things, but you definitely don't want to cut everything out and there's really nothing wrong with more than the odd glass if you feel like it. I was totally obsessed though during our ivf so am a fine one to talk! Lots of luck and vibes to you x

  • The sweetener will contain aspartame I think which isn't recommend really but it's impossible to cut everything out totally so I wouldn't stress too much about it. I tried to stop all caffeine, aspartame etc and it made me slightly crazy as all I then did was crave them. Really hope you have happy news soon xx

  • Thank you TP. Thinking about it I am sure it was you that had mentioned sweetener in the past and that's where I had got it from. Think I may just try and drink as much water as I can so I am not drinking anything with them in.

    Lamby I am trying not to get obsessed. Just want to know that I have done everything I can do. X

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