Another C word thread, sorry- presents?

When buying for your children, who do the presents come from?

I love hearing about other people's traditions. B gets his big present from Santa/Father Christmas and a stocking. hen presents from me and then his dad (we are separated). He then knows that everything else is from family/friends. They go under the tree throughout December so he can see them coming in from people.

How do you mix yours and OH's traditions?

When we visited OH's parents last year on Boxing Day, OH's stepdad kept telling B (6) that Santa had left him some presents there and will not stop saying it. B is 6 and has had the same tradition since he was a  baby, I don't want to change it now :( But he won't listen :(

(I am aware of a theme to my threads today surrounding Christmas and OHs parents, sorry)


  • When i was younger santa brought us everything and we had no stockings. We never got a present from Mum but my dad would occasionally come to visit and take us out to buy us trainers (seperated family). OH has always grown up with stocking from santa, all other presents from mum and dad and hes continued that on with his Daughter.

    So whilst I would love to have the same traditions for my kids as I had its too late as we have a 6 year old who "knows" how santa works. I have improved the quality of gifts in the stocking though. OH likes to take the credit and i kindly reminded him that when shes older she'll realise it was him all along but for now, its really magical if its from Santa and he agreed, begrudgingly.

  • Stuff we buy comes from Santa, everything else is from whoever buys it and goes under the tree as we receive it

    My SIL does all presents from Santa and takes it to such extremes that we aren't allowed to see our nephew before Christmas in case my daughter tells him we have a present for him and ruins the illusion that Santa brings everything - ridiculous!

  • For us, the stocking and a small present left with it is from Father Christmas, the rest is from family/friends, I want the boys to realise that it comes from people and to say thank you.  They way I look at it is - if one of us lost our jobs we wouldn't be able to have a lot and if the children thinks it all comes from Father Christmas they would still expect it all.  We keep it to a budget and this year so far the children have £100 spent on them and that includes gifts from other family members, the stockings are around £30- £40 and that's it.

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