Another question- nursing covers

. I've seen these but have to be honest my first impression was they looked like a shopping bag. Has anyone used them, are they any good? Did you just use blankets?

I know I've asked a million questions lately but I want to be as organised as possible knowing I'm probably facing a longish hospital stay after the birth plus the recovery from the C Section.



  • I never bothered with them, seemed like a faff to me. The baby covers quite a lot and I also wear scarves (fashion rather than wooly!) a lot so those or a muslin work well to cover up. In the early days you need to be able to see what you're doing but you're not likely to be in public either.

  • Never bothered as i actually think they draw more attention to the fact. I used to wear a nursing vest, unclip bra and vest and pull top up. It's latching on that's the most exposed time, particularly at the start, so you could always use a muslin  to help cover up. In hospital you can just draw the curtains around the bed, as in the early days of bf the last thing you need to worry about is exposing yourself so chances are you won't feed in public until you are comfortable with the process. You can always buy something later on if you feel the need. X

  • I used the vest top down and top up method but as I have big boobs I still had lots on display do id hook a muslin under my bra strap and drape over when needed. Worked perfectly well :-)
  • Thanks for your advice. One thing ticked off the list for now. It's great to get advice from the experts.

  • I'm the opposite, I used one and found it really helpful. It did draw more attention to the fact that I was feeding, but I had to use shields and couldn't get them on discretely anyway, so the cover just prevented me from flashing large quantities of boob. After we weaned off the shields I didn't use it as much, but still did from time to time depending on where I was- I used to go to a slimming world group with J and sit round in a big circle, I felt happier feeding him under the cover as although everyone knew what I was doing they definitely couldn't see anything, I wasn't embarrassed about feeding, but felt more confident being totally covered up as I latched him directly facing 30 other people including some guys.

  • I used one and loved it. I didn't care that people knew what I was doing under there, I'd rather that than flashing everybody. One of my best buys.

  • SG and QC thanks for your input. I think I'm going to see how I get on and buy one if I think I'd feel more comfortable x

  • I have one and will use it sometimes. I'm not bothered about flashing my boobs but it is handy. I've used it when I have family here and I want a few mins peace just me and M hiding! And recently in Burger King when it was full of teenaged boys who I thought I'd save their embarrassment not mine. I got mine off amazon for about £10 and don't regret it.

  • Another here who had never used one, I've just gone with a combination of two tops, long cardigans and muslins then once baby gets bigger, they cover lots anyway. I've only ever seen them used once or twice and thought they looked rather awkward but if they help people feed then that's a good thing.

  • I never had one either, I'd just tuck a muslin there - had the double use of covering up (not that there was anything to be seen) and also catching the milk that C would always bring back up.

  • I never bothered with 1 either. Initially I did the 2 top thing, then just used a muslin tucked in my bra, then just breast fed. My advice is to practice in front of a mirror & you'll see that barely anything is on show, it's the latching on & off that takes a bit of practice. I tried it once with a shawl over my daughter at a wedding I was a bridesmaid when she was 2 months old but she got so hot that it wasn't worth it (didn't help that we both had slippery silky dresses on!!).

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