Antenatal colostrum harvesting

Did anyone do this?

im mainly interested in doing it based on the pros for women with diabetes and GD 

i just wonders how difficult it is. I'm already producing colostrum


  • I don’t know anything about it but personally I wouldn’t start any time soon, mine has changed drastically over the last few weeks. The early stuff is very watery, and I can’t imagine it’s as good as the later stuff.

  • No you don't really start until 36weeks, I just want to know any personal experiences of it, did it bring on anyone's labour, how many syringes do you need to fill, etc

  • Ahh ok. Yeah I'm 36 weeks now, that sounds about right!

    Hope someone can help anyway.

  • The midwife gave me syringes at 36 weeks but I didn't do it. I wish I had as I had trouble feeding to start with in hospital and had to hand express. Would have been much less stressful if a) I'd already practiced and b) I had a few in the freezer to give me some grace.

    Luckily we are feeding ok now.

    The first syringe took me an hour to fill, so if you do it, don't worry if it takes a while.

    Pm me if you want any info x

  • I'll try and reply better tomorrow, I'm so tired right now. There should be info on kellymom and the breastfeeding network, the bfn also have a helpline which is fantastic so you could talk it through with someone. Also, do you know of any breastfeeding groups locally? You can attend antenatally and chat to a breastfeeding counsellor.

    I haven't harvested colustrum but I have had to express due to mastitis. I've had no ill effects.

  • I too am interested in this in case I need general anesthetic for my C Section. I found this on the old site which might be really useful to you  

  • Thanks ladies!

    Iv only just noticed there is a breastfeeding support number on the front of my notes! Xx

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