Any interest in girls 6-9 and 9-12 dresses and smart outfits?

As title really. We went on a cruise in May and I bought S the most ridiculous amount of expensive dresses and outfits to go with, most of which she only wore once or twice for photos. I've kept hold of them in the hope that she may squeeze into some of the bigger ones over xmas, but no such luck, so I now need to get rid to fund the next lot. Lol. There's a range of makes and colours (diff shades of pink, red, gold, black, beige, patterned etc) mainly mamas and papas, Monsoon, Ted Baker, Verbaudet, Next and a few nicer supermarket bits. I think the Monsoon dresses are actually 6-12 months. The dresses would be great for parties, weddings, photo shoots etc. and the outfits for 'smarter' days out. I've also some pram shoes to go with some of them. All washed in fairy non-bio and from a dog and smoke free home. 

I'll photograph and list on the for sale board if anyone is interested, but thought I'd post here first in case some of you don't venture over there.


  • Definitely interested as we go on a cruise in 9 days !  Orla is just growing in to 6mth stuff.

    Which cruise line did you go with btw ?  I am stressing over how to make up Orla's formula as they don't have boiled water, only hot water.  Seems that in the US they aren't told to use cooled boiled water for babies to drink so think I am a bit odd that I don't want to use tap or bottled water.  

  • I'll have a sort through tomorrow and photo the 6 to 9 month stuff. We went with P&O. The water on board was fine to drink, so I used to boil it in the kettle in the cabin. They also put a steriliser in the room, so I carried on pretty much as I would at home. I'm turning into a cruise addict as it's so easy when you've got kids, shame it's so expensive when they hit 2. We're cruising again in April, but only for a wk so not so many dresses needed this time!

  • Have just emailed you

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