Any recs for a bouncy chair or swing?

The scope on these seems to be sooo varied so can anyone recommend theirs? I know they can be very hit or miss depending on the baby but I have zero idea where to start or what I should look out for. There are so many and go from mega cheap to pretty pricy!



  • We've got FP Woodsy friends bouncer and FP Rainforest swing. Think we are lucky as Sam loves them both! The swing was a tenner on eBay and the bouncer was buy one get one half price in boots so a friend and I both bought one and just paid £30 each. I would have paid much more for both for the help they have and continue to be!!

  • Thanks lamby, I'll have a look. Would you recommend a chair over a swing? I'd rather just get one but have no preference which. They literally seem to range from like £15 to £150! Every one I've looked at has pretty mixed reviews too so it's not straight forward!

  • I've been looking at getting the Woodsy bouncer - Mothercare have it on offer for £29.50 at the mo but it's sold out. I keep checking every day!

    We had a swing for Ivy but sold it because she wasn't a fan at all.

  • I would definitely go for a bouncer over a swing as they are much more portable and you can move baby from room to room in it which you can't do with a swing. We didn't get the swing until he was about 10 weeks old after trying a friends, I'm not sure what he would have made of it from newborn but the bouncer is quite inoffensive as it doesn't move unless you want it to - either through vibrate or physically bouncing it yourself. Sam would sleep in his on vibrate which was a Godsend to me in the early days!

  • We have the FP rainforest chair and portable swing. Both mine have liked both and I hope number three does as well. I kept the chair upstairs for when I was in the shower etc, could take it from room to room.

    If you're only buying one I'd go for the swing - it can but just a chair if you don't turn it on.

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