Any tips for going back to work after ml?

After 14 months I go back to work this week and I'm dreading leaving the little man. Any tips which got you through?

  my mum is looking after him for the 3 days I work in our house so I don't need to get him ready etc but I just can't imagine being away from him and missing out on him growing up

i know lots of people do it I'm just hoping thoughts of it are worse than the reality!


  • The anticipation of going back really is worse than reality, so don't stress of that. You won't miss out either, you'll have the lovely surprises of things he's been getting up to, for example, L started crawling whilst being looked after by my ILs, I had a rubbish day at work and it really cheered me up.  There will be tears on the first day, from you, but little man is going to be well looked after and will have a blast with your mum xxx

  • What Dumblespud said. The thought of it is much worse than reality xx

  • I went back to work when L was 4 months...the thought is worse than the reality. L also saved all his milestone moments for when I was off so I lucky in that respect. X
  • Glad to hear the anticipation is worse than the reality! Good luck LM x

  • I went back when leila was 4.5 months old. ive been back a month now. like the other have said the anticipation is worse.

    you get into a routine and it makes the time you do have together more special

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