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Any Tommee Tippee bottle users?

S is 10 weeks now and is taking longer to have a bottle and im wondering if we need to change the teat on the bottle.  If so when and which one? 

We have the TT sterliser starter set so there are 3 different size teats and she has been using the slowest ones up until now.  I will point out that when she has been crying for food she gets in such a state that when she feeds she chokes sometimes and am worried that if we change the teat it will let even more liquid through.  Am i being daft?


  • We had to change the teat size at about 6weeks I think! He began falling asleep through feeds but still being hungry, I just moved up to the number 2 teats. It can take them a day or two to get used to the new flow though.

  • Obviously not yet in a position to comment myself but friends of ours said the best thing they ever bought was the vari-flow teats. They have an X on the teat rather than a 1, 2, or 3 like the ones you get in the starter pack.

  • I used TT with N and Mam with A and with both I have moved up a teat size when they start doing what your S is doing, often it's just before the age the packet says. For a couple of days they might dribble quite a lot out but they soon get used to it. Just make sure you use a bib or arrange a muslin right under their chin!

  • Henry wouldn't use these but the other day I bought variflow on the off chance he might take to them. Great stuff! She'll take as much as she can handle

  • We went up to the variflow teats and they we're terrible! The flow was really hit and miss and N just ended up covered in milk. Using the number two teats was the best, infact we've never moved on from them.

  • I've got a cupboard full of teats. x12 of each size 1, 2, 3, variflow and anti-colic!! We didn't notice much difference with the variflow to be honest, they're also a different shape which took him a while to get used to.

  • You can get tt variflow teats, M took to them great

  • I wouldn't recommend variflow personally....O used to end up droqning in milk with them (we bought as was on comfort milk which is thicker and wouldn't come through smalller teats in tt bottles). I would just move up to number 2 teats personally.

  • Thanks all, will have a look tonight and see if she will take the faster flowing ones.

  • I got some variflow teats for L as she was struggling with the smaller ones and they made such a difference.

  • Another fan of the variflow teats too. We switched to then around 8 weeks and used then until ditching the bottles at 12 months

  • I got my bottles second hand so didn't realise that there were different sizes so poor I was drinking any ebm we gave her from a size 1 teat until at least 7 months & probably even longer as I never checked when I put the milk in them!!

  • Tried the size 2 last night and she demolished her bottle in record time, stopping to splutter milk only once so thats a bonus.  

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