any updates RCT?

thinking of you. hope you have been transferred to be near Joshua x



  • Have been thinking this too x

  • Hope you're both doing well RCT, and are closer to J now xx

  • Hope they are both doing well

  • Oh yes, I do hope she has been transferred and J is stable x

  • I am sure she won't mind me updating. He is doing  well. He has been moved onto CPAP and has started to take milk feeds.

  • Thanks section4. I don't mind at all - thank you.

    Apologies for lack of updates. I'm trying to get into some sort of routine as my husband is back at work so we can save paternity leave til nearer discharge hence I'm flying solo. Any spare time I get I'm researching everything online so I understand what's happening (I'm sure you've all been there!). Got some bits from bliss starting to come through - I think that's your gorgeous boy in there Carole? I've joined their forums and when I get my iPad off hubby tonight am hoping internet surfing etc will be easier. Thank you for pointing me in their direction, I can see myself using them more and more over the coming weeks.

    Joshua seems to be doing well but I'm trying not to get carried away. As section4 said he's on cpap and has tolerated this for about 48 hours. They're talking about "cycling" off it which I need to look up. But are being cautious as he's still only 26+6. We're on ebm - he's up to 2ml every 2 hours but we've had a couple of setbacks there with green aspirated and they're wary of nec.

    We've had one cuddle but haven't been able tondo more as he doesn't maintain his temp yet. Few apneic, bradycardic episodes which they say is normal. Everyone says he has a mouth on him, he sounds like a cat whilst he gets annoyed and they keep calling him "feisty". I think this means he's a pain in the *** :)

    I'll keep bobbing on but please excuse me being rude with regards to updates. I'm happy for anyone to update all the md'ers on my behalf. I'm more contactable on fb to be honest, if anyone wants to add me I'm friends with section4, kath79, goldfish to name a few and my initials are ew.

    Thanks again for all your thoughts and vibes. They're obviously doing some good!!

    Rct xxx

  • Aww, bless your feisty boy!! Fingers crossed his feistiness goes from strength to strength! x

  • So fab you have had a cuddle already.

    He sounds like a very strong little boy. Being feisty is nothing but a good thing. C sounded like a cat, even when out of hospital, he'd rarely cry, he'd "purr".

    Vibes for "no NEC". Sadly, it is so common in prems, hope J avoids it. Hope you are looking after yourself too RCT.

  • Bless him, feisty! Hope you've got plenty of support RCT, look forward to hearing Joshua's next update :-) xx

  • That's a great update RCT, his feistiness will be a great thing in his journey. Hope he continues to go from strength to strength and you get more cuddles too xx

  • Sounds like Joshua is doing really well so far and lovely you've been able to have a cuddle - hope there are many more to come very soon, and that he continues to strengthen xx

  • Great update. So pleased that you've had a cuddle. Hope that J continues to get stronger each day x

  • So happy to read this update RCT, plenty more vibes coming your way x

  • so please to read this update. It's very positive that J has moved onto CPAP. Cycling is when they give the baby time off cpap. so to begin with they may just take him off for 10 mins whilst they clean his mouth and change the hat and tubing etc, then pop him back on. Then increase the time off next time to 30 mins or until he gets tired or is working harder with his breathing. then they might do 4 hours on, 4 hours off. Giving him periods of time to have a good rest. It's hard work breathing so they won't want him to get too tired and use up too many calories breathing. Some babies get a bit too tired on cpap and need to go back on the vent for a short time so don't be too worried if this happens.

    how are you recovering? did you have a section? Hope you are comfortable.

    Keep a diary whether that's online with your FB updates, or in a notebook. It's good to look back on progress and remember important milestones, and take a photo every day- they change so much.

    will try and look for you on FB. I'm CF.

  • Carole - I've just suggested you as a friend to RCT x

  • Great to hear from you RCT.  I'd love to follow your updates but not sure we share any friends - if we do can someone let me know? Take care of yourself and your little man x

  • So glad to read the update on your feisty little boy.  Sounds like you've got yourself a little fighter which is all good.  Take care and I hope he continues to do well xx

  • So glad you have managed to have a cuddle. Sounds like he is doing really well xxx

  • It's lovely that you've had a cuddle. Hope he continues to go from strength to strength - your feisty little man! xxx

  • so happy to read such a positive update, he seems to be doing really well. Fingers crossed for lots more improvement xx

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