anyone considering swaddling?

If so, I have a neutral grobag swaddle blanket ffp - will say 2.60 2nd class, but would refund excess if I managed to send as large letter. 


  • Ooooooo yes please! We had a cheap one for p which saved our sanity and I said I'd get a proper one this time as the Velcro has gone on ours.

    Is it one with fastenings etc or do you just wrap yourself? I could never make a normal blanket work!!
  • You just wrap it yourself but it's shaped and has a bit of stretch- I bought giant swaddle muslins and couldn't use them but this was a doddle. Are you on the fb group? Do PMs work here?
  • I am on the fb group yes :-) I don't think this place has PMs though...

  • Will I put a shout out for you there then? Happy for full username or just AR?
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