Anyone else TTC but not on TTC threads?

Just being nosey! We are TTC but in a just DTD when we want to and not obsessing over CDs/OV kind of way...this is why I'm not on the ttc thread as I kind of have nothing to write! Tell me I'm not alone ;-) x


  • I'm obviously not TTC but just wanted to say yay how exciting!!!
  • And scary!! Haha!
  • Haha. I don't post in them very often but that's more because I've been TTC'ing for ages and there is nothing exciting left to write on there anymore!

  • coco im so pleased to see this !!! xxx

  • Not on TTC threads on here, no - good luck Coco! x

  • OOh, exciting! Good luck...

  • I do go on the TTC threads but not every day. It gets a bit overwhelming, especially doing all the personals, and frequently I have nothing to report so just read, and only comment when there's actually something to say. I find the TTC threads very focused on TTC but the tri threads are easier as people just chat about what's happening generally as well as the pregnancy.

  • <sticks hand up in the air>

    I tried the TTC boards/threads but just don't seem to get the time to contribute much unfortunately x

  • Yay! Glad to see some familiar faces...excited for you ladies :-) Saisi you hit the nail on the head for me...the tri threads are far easier as you can chat anything. I don't think anyone wants to know my sex life, and with a H who works nights the window for dtd is limited so I don't have much to share!
  • I was on TTC then latterly MTTC and I used to just chat anything. Wasn't always TTC related.

    Best of luck to you.

  • I've been giving it a go with the TTC threads but sometimes I just don't get time to respond to them, which is a shame.

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