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Anyone fancy a name thread?

Haven't had one for aaaaaaages.

Share your favourites below, whether pregnant, not pregnant, vetoed by H or whatever!

Girl: Penny, Summer, Constance (vetoed by H) and a recent contender from nowhere - Iris, although H needs convincing of this still which is making me like it even more ;)

Boy: Max, Abe (vetoed by H), Dylan.

Middle name for a girl will be Ellen and for a boy, probably Andrew.


  • I love penny popcorn but my h said no :-( I actually wanted Penelope but he said double no!

    Girls - cora, cara, annie, francesca, middle name will be eleanor

    Boys - not sure!

  • Girls name- loads . Isabella, Rebecca, Sophie/ Sophia, Lilly.

    Boys not sure!!

  • Girls - Alysia, Kaitlyn, Sapphire

    Boys - I don't have any! I'd like Paul for a middle name as it's my H's dad's name plus my Dad's middle name but my H says no :(

  • Girls - still adore Clementine and a bit gutted I've never got to use it!  Also like Saffron and Juno.

    Boys - Apart from what I used I really like Dashiell and Sullivan :)

  • Oh popcorn we had Dylan as a real front runner for O! Our other boys names were Aaron, Alex and Thomas and girls we had Emily, Florence, Amy and I love Mea but really good friends of ours have a daughter called Mya so it ruled that out!

    Do you have a feeling if your team pink or blue?

  • Holey I like Cora too but I doesn't go with our last name.

    PS sapphire would be so beautiful next to A's name!

    Alaina I like clementine too but I know better than to suggest it to my H :-/

    MDD not really sure. Early on I felt really strongly that it was a girl and (I shouldn't have a preference I know) but I'd LOVE a girl. As times gone on I'm kind of thinking boy again. I reeeeally wish we'd found out!

  • Girls - Edith/Edie, Elsie, Daisy, Rose, Isla, Molly

    Boys - Tobias, Arthur, Edward

    These are my favorites but H hasn't agreed to any yet :(

  • Popcorn I really like Iris and Abe.

    All of my suggestions so far have been vetoed by H so I think these boys are going to be nameless.

    Here's the list:








    Choosing two names is so hard!

  • Girls - We only agree on Fransesca. Middle name will be Jean as both our Grans were Jean. I am not sure about the middle name as I have it and hate it. We both really like Stevie Rose for a girl but we would need to see her first.

    Boys - Oh loves Noel. I fecking hate it!!!! We both quite like Ned. I also like surnames as first names like Cooper, Walker, Parker but H is yet to be convinced

  • We're keeping our names under our hats, but contenders were:

    Girls: Evelynn, Carolyn, Katrina

    Boys: As we found out what we're having, we've only picked out one boys name to put in reserve, which we love!

  • RKB - I love all those. Especially Carolyn, don't see it often anymore.

  • Hubby really liked Carolyn, but that's my boss's name, and i felt a bit funny about naming my child after my boss...even though we wouldn't have technically as it H who originally suggested it! ;-)

  • Does anyone else feel like their tastes changed from when you're TTC and a baby is hypothetical and when it becomes a real person that you are responsible for naming? Some of the names I have liked for a long time feel totally wrong now for this human being I'm growing! Some of the names we liked are:

    Boys - Jensen, Cole, Deacon, Finley, Reeve, Jackson, Samson, Sawyer, Ethan

    Girls - Erin, Seren, Sienna, Quinn, Freya, Lainie, Eden, Skye

  • ST - I get that! Before we started a family, i always imagined i'd have a wee boy called Myles and a wee girl called Evelyn... neither name has been used.

    I love the name Sawyer, It's the name i gave to my pet rabbit!  I also really like Skye, but it doesn't really go with our surname too well :-(

  • ST I agree, I never in a million years thought of the name Seth as one I'd liked but it just jumped out as us when I found out I was pregnant with him. I love that it can't be shortened/lengthened (even though FIL calls him SethSeth grr). Problem is, I'd like to find another name that can't be adapted but it narrows the choice down considerably!

  • Little pixie our next door neighbour has a little boy called noel, he must only be about 6!

  • I hate it because OH thinks Noel Gallagher is some god like genius and wants to name any son we have after him. It's not happening.

  • I think we need a comparison bump flash popcorn so I can have a guess!!

    And Owen can't be shortened - just throwing it out there ;-)

  • Popcorn - My H randomly came out with Sapphire the other day as a possible for a second child. Would we sound like crazy hippies though with two kids with gemstone names?

    Woowoo - My daughters middle name is Edith - we were going to use Edie but although I like how it sounds I didn't like it written down (weirdo I know!)

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