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Anyone got a Maxi Cosi FamilyFix base?

One like this

I've just tried to put it in my new car and the flipping thing won't stop beeping at me. It's the first light to confirm the isofix anchors are in place, they both clip on seemingly fine, there's no movement in them at all but the light is red. Taken it off and put it back on about a dozen times. Tried it on the other side too but I'm getting the same problem. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong!? 


  • Have you tried changing the position of the leg? The base should be pretty flat on the seat. I love it, but it eats batteries! x

  • Love mine :) I'd agree with welsh thistle. If you're happy the isofix straps are clicked in properly I'd  check the position on the leg. I find it best to take it back to the smallest and then stretch it out from there til I get the green light :) had ours nearly 3 years now and never needed to change the batteries yet! X

  • Yep check the leg. Ours is almost 3 years and not changed batteries either.

  • Hmm, I thought about the leg so I had it retracted and dangling whilst I was trying to do the isofix bit but it's still red. If I put the leg down that's green (the middle light). If I put the seat in that's green (right hand light) but then it just beeps at me because the isofix light (left hand one) is red. When I put it in my other car it just went straight in, so annoying!

    I might try different batteries, though the battery light is green. It's almost 3yo. Thanks ladies Thanks

  • Ours is 10 months old and already changed the batteries twice! That's odd Sshh, we always found Mothercare staff to be really helpful with it (even though ew didn't buy it from them!) x

  • I was going to suggest the leg to, that is usually what makes ours beep if anything.

    WT I am surprised by the battery thing we haven't changed ours yet hoping they last a fair bit longer.

  • as an after thought, are local fire station does help with fitting child seats etc... they run specific days but might be worth a google in your area to see if there is something similar

  • I had the same problem.  Took to a friend who can fix things.  There is a wire which connects to the isofix clasp that detects when connected correctly.  This wire was broken (hence always showed red).  When he reconnected the wire it worked fine.  He made it look easy!  

  • Mine has just started doing this today and we are going on holiday tomorrow,did anyone manage to fix it?

  • Lightbulb, I can see the broken wire connected to right isofix bar of our familyfix. How did your friend manage to dismantle the base to repair the wire? Tia 

  • Aimee27l said:

    Lightbulb, I can see the broken wire connected to right isofix bar of our familyfix. How did your friend manage to dismantle the base to repair the wire? Tia 

    Hi Aimee, 

    I’m currently battling with my base and have the exact same broken wire problem. I don’t suppose you ever fixed yours, did you? I’m so frustrated I could cry....
  • edited Sep 30, 2020 1:41PM
    I just had the same problem. I could see the broken wire from the side in the track for the yellow metal runner that connects the base to the isofix bracket at the back of the car seat. Managed to connect the two ends of the wire together and got it working.

    Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.
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