Anyone had the silver cross pop? How do you rate it?

Mum is talking about buying us this stroller and after having a look at it it seems fine - lies flat, easy fold, not too heavy etc but just wondered if anyone had one and what you thought?

does £100 seen a lot for a stroller?


  • I've got one and hate it. One of my worst buys. It's quite long when folded, the brakes aren't great and once C got bigger she hung out of it. It's also annoying to push as you're constantly kicking the brake. Unless they've improved dramatically in the last 3 yrs, I'd put a bit more to it and buy a Mclaren which was the other one we were looking at or something cheaper like an Obaby (we had a loan of one on hols and they were very similar to the pop, but much cheaper).

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