anyone had to have a 3rd degree tear re-repaired?

I had a third degree tear which was repaired in surgery a few hours after birth.

I have had a lot of pain, and DTD has been very infrequent, but even when we have, its been very very painful. I went to the GP a week or so ago who had a look (she knew it was bad when i flinched at the word 'speculum') and said the repair job was awful and it was no suprise i was in pain. She sent me away with some antibiotics and some moisturiser/lube and asked me to come back this week to see how I'm going and if not much better then she'd refer me to a gynae to see what they could do in terms of a re-repair (which is likely as still v sore).

Has anyone else been through this or has some words of encouragement that it won't be like this forever?? I feel really sad that its come to the fact that we have gained a baby at the expense of ever having a 'normal' sex life again :(


  • No advice I'm afraid, but I think I'm on the same track as you. Ten weeks on and standing up is still really painful. I don't know when we'll DTD at this rate and am even considering anaesthetic cream for if/when we do! I have googled re-repairs before and remember thinking the outcome was really good. Short term pain for long term gain I'm guessing. There would be no harm in getting the referral and finding out more.

  • My friend had hers re-repaired and it's as good as new, apparently.

  • My friend had a very successful re-repair too x

  • Good to know there's some success stories :)

  • I'm sure munchkin had to have her episiotomy with C repaired? I'm sure she said it was fine afterwards.

    If you have to have another repair, you'll have a proper designa vagina Laugh *clings to silver lining for you*

  • Ah ok, i might quiz her then. Haha, that's exactly what my H said...! Laugh

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