Anyone lost their notes?

I'm so so embarrassed. I've hunted everywhere but can't find my maternity notes. They are not in this house, work or either car. I'm 99.9% sure I left them in my glove box. 

Has anyone lost theirs? Will I get into trouble :-( 


  • Not lost them but id doubt u would get in trouble sure it happens all the time. Xx

  • Never lost them no. Eeek. Doubt the midwife will tell you off but can't imagine she will be terribly impressed at having to write them out again!

    Could you have left them behind at last midwife/hospital appointment?

  • You've made me realise that with the move this week, I have no idea which box they are in! I know I packed them, I just don't know what with or where that box is now! eeks!

    Most of the detials they will have on record, its just the hand written notes from your midwife apps that will be lost!

  • You won't get into trouble, just give the midwife a call and tell her so she can make up a new set ready for your next appt.

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