Anyone on here with more than 3?

I have 3 and am already broody for another! and H hasn't said no, just not yet (which is fair enough!). anyone else with 4 or more? or considering making the jump from 3 to 4? 2&3 are twins so I do worry I may get another buy one get on free offer though! I just don't feel 'done' iyswim?


  • I'd love another but dh doesn't want anymore so I think we're done with our three lovely boys.

  • must be a blast in your house! Big Smile my 2 boys are like whirlwinds, all rough and tumble fun, I can imagine how mad it would be adding another boy! Do they play together well? I worry for my girl as she already sits and watches her brothers with this 'you are mad' look on her faceLaugh

  • I've got 5 - 2&3 and 4&5 are twins!  Would love another but we've decided against it - there could be the chance we get twins or more again plus with the middle ones going to school next year it will ease up on the childcare bill.

  • oh wow Emma! how did you cope with having twins again? and how is your eldest dealing with it? part of it for me I think is so our eldest isn't the only non-twin, a situation which would be even more problematic for him if we had twins again! I also feel I haven't been able to savour 'my last baby' as there are 2 of them and there is no time just to sit and cuddle and enjoy the moment really!

  • I'd love another one day but H is a firm no! Probably for the best really as I doubt we could afford another!

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