Anyone planning a Christening at the moment?

We've booked the date for Heidi's and I am bit excited about it! 

I feel like I'm wedding planning again. 



  • Just me?

    <goes back to Pinterest> Laugh

  • Meee! Just booked so have everything to do! When is Heidi's? Sam's is 27th October, I better get my skates on!

    Is Heidi wearing a gown?

  • Yes, it was made for Matilda out of my wedding dress so she will wear the same one.

    We are doing it on 22nd December so very Christmassy. The vicar said we can sing carols, which I am excited about. It'll turn into a bit of a Christmas get together for my friends and family too.

  • Aww My daughters was in August, was a lovely day.  Have fun :-)

  • I love that the christening gown has been made out of your wedding dress.

    Have fun planning. Am contemplating whether or not to have a baby blessing at our synagogue just so that I can plan a party! The circumcision at 10 days was not quite a celebration in my eyes!

  • Ferbs, you should chat to Stripey. They had one for Eliana.

  • I remember her saying that she had one. My H is quite keen to have one so I just need to get organised!

  • That will be nice Rusty. Hopefully it will be snowing and all pretty and things! What have you done so far? Got any inspiration photos?

    I've just spoke to a cake lady, now need to decide for sure what we want. We are hiring the village hall afterwards so I'm borrowing some cream lace bunting and will buy some gingham or blue and white, but not sure on anything else. I might hire a face painter though for the kids!

    Mrs b - hope you enjoyed your daughters day :)

    Ferbs - you should definitely have a celebration - mark E's arrival in style :)

  • Erm... A guest list.. Chapel booked. Need to book somewhere for after bit it'll be at the school where mum works.

    Decided on food. Going to have a massive cheese board with biscuits then lots of cake!

  • We had Ted's baptism on August Bank Holiday with a  full on  afternoon tea laid on and a party with DJ well Into the night at a local venue ..... I went slightly overboard, bunting , gift bags for the kids, balloons , confetti and chair covers with sashes, cake pops for the kids and a lovely bespoke baptism cake. I had more fun planning it than my own wedding. It was such a great day and everyone remarked how much of a lovely day it was..... I actually felt very flat for a few days after as it had been all consuming in the run up - much like my wedding!

  • P's is booked for 13th October, I''ve been boring H with pictures of cakes for the last week!

  • We are - well, we will be if the vicar ever returns my calls.  Am a bit stressed though because they only do the third Sunday of the month.  Stupidly I booked Disney on Ice for November, we are on holiday for January one and I don't think they do them in December.  Which means February.  The problem is that the christening gown is a small one, Zoe wore it at 6 mths ok but I don't know if it is going to make it to 7 mths.  

    We did a big "do" for Zoe inviting all our friends, lots of family and had caterers do a buffet at our house afterwards.  Was about 40 people.  This time because it is winter and we won't be able to rely on the garden we've decided to go for something much smaller and are just inviting our parents, one set each of their friends, Zoe's godparents and Orla's godparents and will be going to our favourite restaurant for Sunday Lunch afterwards.  

    Obviously the most important thing is sorted though - Zoe has picked her dress !

  • Ferbs! Have a blessing! It was so lovely :) Our Rabbi does them at the end of the Saturday morning service so we had all our family and the congregation. H's family aren't Jewish so it was a nice insight for them into my culture. 

  • Yes! M's is a week on Sunday.  I have her gown but I am frantically trying to get her blanket finished.  It's 3/4 done then I have to edge it.  I just don't get time to sit and do it.  I must, must sort out the cake tomorrow or it won't be ready on time.  I have the function room at the local pub booked but haven't picked any food yet.  Choices are 1) Sunday roast for everyone 2) pick from the regular menu but pre order - I can't be faffed asking everyone so I would just pick something or 3) just a normal party buffet. Anyone got any ideas/preference? I'm too stressed to decide.

    Plus of course I have sorted H and all 3 kids with outfits but I have nowt and no time to shop as A is on 1/2 days at school next week as well and we have 2 parties, dancing and swimming on sat/sun. But I am too fat for all my clothes.

    Oh and my parents and sister have fallen out so I've told them all to sort it out or not come as I don't want them sitting there with faces like slapped ars*s

    Oh god, I shouldn't have written it down <goes for a lie down in a dark room>

  • Oh Morph, can we help?

  • Stripey, what a lovely picture! Before E we said that if we had a girl we would definitely have a blessing but not bother with a boy as we would have had a bris. However, I was so emotional at the bris I didn't get to see it as a celebration so am coming round to the idea of a blessing as well. H has suggested that it may be nice to do it when E is a year. My SIL's family are not Jewish and they had a wonderful time at my niece and nephew's blessing just like your H's family

    Morph - I would go for option a or b. Getting everyone to pre-order will be a nightmare if you are already stressed. Hope you get everything sorted without too much stress and your parents and sister behave!

  • Morph - what size are you clothes wise ?  Oh, and we are having a sunday lunch, don't think you can beat it personally.

  • That was quite therapeutic actually.  Cake and decorations are all now ordered so will just need to be assembled the day before.  I'll stay up day and night to get the blanket finished if necessary!

    I;ll pop into the pub tomorrow as I am near it for a baby class with M.  We had sunday roast, well a carvery, for O;s christening and everyone loved it.  Maybe I should just go for that.  We had fish and chips for A's which also went down really well.

    I think i'll just have to shop for a load of stuff on line for me and hope something is decent.  I just don't know what I want but I do know I don't want to look mumsy!  I am a big size 12 at the mo with massive BF knockers.  I;m not bothered about being able to BF as she can just have an extra bottle and I'll get changed when we decamp back to ours later.  I saw some lovely ankle boots today which I am tempted to base my entire outfit around, lol

  • Definitely base the outfit on shoes.

    And go for the roast - sure everyone will love it!

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