Anyone selling a dress suitable for a wedding

I'm looking for a dress for a wedding in October. I'll be 25 weeks pregnant. 

I don't want black, must be able to wear a bra. 

Thanks x


  • Hi Lavender Rose, i have a couple of dresses that i will be wearing to weddings in September, one is a creamy colour with multicolour flower/butterfly pattern on it, knee length and one is emerald green with lace on the very top, again knee length. Both can be worn with bras, Both loose fitting in the skirt. Both sleeveless. Let me know if your interested, i could send you pics. Wouldn't be selling either of them until after 15th September though xx

  • Thanks!

    Should have said size 10/12 x

  • Hi LR - both dresses are a size 12. Would you like me to send you pics?

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