Anyone use a nanny?

We are self employed and getting to the point where either I need to take up more work or we employ someone. financially I think it would be better to employ childcare. If prefer to have some one at home as Heidi is so small.  

Anyone use a nanny? Any tips on how to start looking? 


  • Not yet but I think it is possibly something we will be looking at once Noodles is here.  In your situation, given you work at home and Heidi is so little I think it would be perfect.  I am a bit scared about it all tbh which is why I haven't done anything and am burying my head in the sand.

  • Would you use them when you return to work JB or to help out whilst you are off?

  • To help out when I'm off. We haven't really worked out the logistics of me going back to work, that is going to be a huge nightmare if  if h still working in london

  • I've emailed a few tonight. On paper, it'd be the perfect job for someone else with a child at school. Hoping it comes if something. Fingers crossed!

  • I have a nanny, fb me if you want more info.

  •  Not sure if this site is actually any good but my and friend used to work together and we once considered sharing a nanny.  Might be an option worth exploring?

  • Thank you.

    Heard back from one. They think the hours might be too part time for people. Might advertise anyway and see if there is any response.

    Nanny sharing might be an option too.

    Also going to look into childminders...

  • i used to be a nanny,

    id say look on they are really helpful and have a vacancies area also !

  • We used an agency to help us find our Nanny - it can be quite overwhelming knowing where to start if you do it on your own I found. And with an agency they know the sorts of questions you need to ask and they make sure they do all the proper police and reference checks too. 

    We went through Little Ones, they're a London based agency but I think they place all over the UK!

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