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Anyone used metaclopramide in pregnancy for HG/severe sickness?

Sorry to hear you're not having a smooth time of it. No experience though, hope someone has some advice for you soon,

Take care x


  • I took cyclizine for a month and then switched to Metoclopramide after that. I was given 28 days supply (if taking max dose of 3 a day but I was taking 1 or 2 a day instead) of it but ended up stopping it after 2 weeks or so because my sickness had subsided enough that I felt I didn't need it. Definately was given more than 3 days worth though!

    How many weeks are you? They wouldn't give me the metoclopramide until I was beyond a certain point as they don't like giving it out in early pregnancy so that might be why they are wary to give you a repeat x

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