Anyone want to provide me with an alibi.....

....cause I'm about to kill my H!! (Kidding, obviously!)! I have a 17 month old, a 3 month old and a H all with the a d&v bug and he is being the biggest baby of them all! I don't think I can take him huffing and sighing and feeling sorry for himself anymore!

The highlight was when he told me the stomach cramps he has were like contractions!!!! Really, I don't remember him pushing 2 babies out! 

Another was when he complained because I made him wait 2 minutes for a cold flannel! 

Ive spent the past 2 nights sleeping (or not sleeping!) on E's bedroom floor and all day running here and there whilst looking after 2 sick babies - somebody pass me the wine please!!!! 


  • Oh dear, have a hug it sounds tough in the D household at the moment! Blokes just don't get it sometimes!
  • I'll do it for you! ;)

  • Thanks C! I'm not feeling anymore loving this morning - cheeky git is feeling better so made himself some breakfast and didn't even ask if I wanted anything so may still need you!

    P, thanks for the hug - it was very needed! The girls are no longer being sick but are having explosive nappies - I've just had to cut E out of her vest it was that bad!

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