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Anyone's show start as brown discharge?

I'm 37+2 and noticed some brown discharge a couple of hours ago on my pad, a fair bit but nothing when I wiped. I didn't think this could be the start of a show as I thought it had to be mucusy or whatever, but rang triage as I'm Rhesus Negative so wanted to check I wouldn't need antiD. They said all sounds fine and very much like I've had a little show.

If anyone else started like this, what happened next? Was it hours, days, weeks until anything else happened? Have got a new pad on so will keep my eye on things, but am wondering if things could still be weeks away with it only being brown discharge and nothing obvious?

Am also waiting on H to get home so we can go to the cinema - am thinking now we must, must, must still go as it could be our last chance ha ha!

Thanks ladies.


  • Mine started I bit browny then turned pinky i think and then more like blood. I went into labour about 12 hours later, with my second the contractions started then I had a similar show. Fingers crossed

  • No experience of course but eeekkk if this is if starting for you!! Exciting!

  • I did have a bit but only after a sweep which didn't work! so don't think it was a proper show.

  • No advice but given what you've described over the past day or so I'd say it looks like everything is starting for you! Eeek!

  • Yes I had brown discharge then a proper big show when I was properly in labour.

  • Thanks everyone :)

    WH - It possibly seems to be looking that way, eek! I honestly have no intention of queue jumping you I swear. I haven't even had any pineapple Wink  From googling it does seem that a lot of people start with this and then have nothing for 2 weeks, and I'm not getting the pains now - just pressure, so am trying to reserve judgment (I'm not though and can think of nothing else of course!)

    I did decide to sack off the cinema as thought if it is the start I should probably get some rest!

  • Lamby!! No advice as im clueless but oh my how exciting!

  • Thanks Bexy! Yikes!

  • Exciting! Pressure sounds promising, I had a bit of pressure in the days leading up to labour due to L's head getting engaged x

  • EEP so excited for you! xxxx

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