Anyone's toddler refuse to admit they've done a poo?

W is 2years 3 months.  I'm happy to wait until she seems ready before starting potty training. so I don't expect her to be telling me she needs a poo or has done a poo. I appreciate she's obviously not at that stage yet. 

But, when I know she's done a poo- I hear her or smell it- and I say "W have you done a poo?" She will say no. I've tried asking her in different ways, I try to be enthusiastic about her doing a poo so it's not like she's saying no because I'm making it seem like a bad thing. But she very adamantly says no. 

Is this a normal stage? As I say, I'm not pushing her to potty train at all, she's clearly not ready, but I was hoping by talking about it I could at least make her start to be aware that she's done one so that eventually she'll then start realising she's doing one and tell me


  • Isla is 2 yr 4 months and she varies from day to day. Sometimes she'll tell us (and anyone else around if we're out) proudly that she's done a poo. Other days she won't mention it at all but will say yes if we ask and other days like your W she'll adamantly say no even though it's obvious she has.

    We've had a few wees on the potty and toilet but only when she's asked to use them which isn't for every wee. I don't think she is ready yet so not pushing it either.
  • J is 21 months, and will sometimes happily announce he's done a poo, but sometimes he'll deny it point blank. I think he denies it when he doesn't fancy having a nappy change, I'm sure he does know he's done one, but just doesn't want me to do anything about it.

  • Yes! If I ask if she's done a poo she always says no and then runs away! (This is how I know if she has!) She hates having her nappy changed which is why i figured she said no but its interesting now to hear that others toddlers do it.

  • P has just turned 2. If I ask if shes done a poo she always say no but if I ask whats in her nsppy she says poo poo

  • O is 3yrs 4 months and will not tell me if he's done a poo unless he had a rummage and has poo fingers. He's being potty trained at the moment and does tell me when he needs to go when he needs to go, which is infuriating.

  • Jellytot my toddler is exactly the same, she's 2 years 1 month. She says no even if she's straining!! Unfortunately she's taken a phrase that my H & have asked her so I ask her if she's done a poo & she says, "No, it's just wind!!"

    I'll be following this thread to see what responses you get as I thought she'd be able to recognise it by now!

  • That's good to know she's not the only one.

    AR I night start asking her what's in her nappy to see if I get a better response.

    DS- poo fingers?! Oh god I don't think I could cope with that!

  • Following on from this, do your toddlers have a pooing place? E either gets in to one particular toy box or hides down the side of the sofa. Plus she's definitely her dads child as shres started taking a book with her!!!!

  • T is the same, says no even when it's obvious - he's now started saying no before I ask him so it's one way of letting me know I suppose! Think I'll try AR's method too of asking in a different way. The joys!
  • I've started asking her "would you like a dry nappy or a wet nappy" and she will say dry nappy.

    She likes to say no to everything so I've decided I need to start asking her in ways that don't involve a yes/no answer.

    Also, when I went to get her yesterday morning she had done a poo, stuck her fingers in her nappy and wiped it on her sheet. Oh the joy! But hopefully it is her starting to take an awareness of there being a poo in the nappy .

    I have the feeling this is going to be a long and difficult stage  :(

  • Oops, I see you've had a case of poo fingers!

  • Yes DS I spoke too soon didn't i :(

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