Are you giving your lo's the flu vaccination?

Morning all,

We have a walk in clinic later at our surgery later this month which I think I'm going to take her to.  I do worry about safety of vaccinations.  Apparently they will have it yearly as the vaccination is changed each year as the flu virus mutates and changes each year.  But I did give A the MMR immunisation which I know previously had concerns over.

Are you going/did you go for the flu nasal spray which your little ones?  Any noticeable side effects?  I think it says just perhaps a bit of a runny nose, which is understandable!! :-)   

A was very poorly last January and had v high temp which she reacted badly to and ended up spending a day in hospital with!  I imagine this was probably flu related.  We always keep an eye on her but this happened so quickly, even with medicine to keep her temp under control.  I really wouldn't like a repeat of that. 


  • C will be having it at school next month - I don't see any reason for him not to since I can't imagine the side effects will be anything like having 'flu.

  • What dd said I'd rather give the injection than them have flu

    Also the mmr concerns were totally rubbished as the evidence wasn't reliable

  • Yeah my LO had it last month

  • Jacob had it last month with no side effects whatsoever. No question in my mind, wouldn't be offered if it wasn't needed and far better than getting flu.

  • W is two in three weeks time and I asked at my surgery if she'll be able to have it then but was told no I will have to wait until next winter now.

    If they had said yes then I would have taken her to have it. Especially as it's just a spray not an injection- the benefit of the vaccine without the tears!

  • My 2 and my 3 year old have both had it. Wish my 6 year old could have it too.  I was worried about my 3 year old having the vaccine as she's terrible at the docs/dentist and with strangers etc but she sat good as gold and let them do it, it's over very quickly and she didn't even flinch.  My 2 year old was good too, the only side effect I noticed was that she had some black snot the next day which was weird but nothing else.  

    At the beginning of this year my 2 year old was severely ill in hospital for a week and now has a condition where if she gets poorly from flu or sickness bug and stops eating/drinking then she can deteriorate very quickly so this was my main reason for getting them vaccinated.

  • C has had it. She laughed at the spray up her nose and had no side effects.

  • Thanks everyone.

    I would like her to have it.  Someone I know puts doubts about the safety of these things in my mind sometimes but that's it, decision made, she's going to have it!!

    Kind of dreading it a little though.  Don't think she'll be happy in the docs and she hates anything going near her nose!  Hopefully, she'll surprise me....... ;-)

  • M had it a couple of weeks a go with no side effects at all.

  • The mmr is completely safe. The research into that was complete and utter rubbish. The doctor was struck off because of it. D had the flu vaccination last week and has been fine.

  • A had the nasal spray a few weeks ago and although he didn't like the spray the chocolate button soon cheered him up and we noticed no side effects. He does have a runny nose 365 days a year though.

  • O had his flu vaccine a couple of weeks ago and he was totally fine, no side effects.

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