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I've only got Topshop maternity jeans so far. I got them in my normal size and they need constantly pulled up, so got another pair in the size smaller which seem to fit much better. This has now made me question all maternity sizing! There is a dress on ASOS I'd like to order for a night out next month, does anyone know what the sizing tends to be like? I'd like to avoid ordering two sizes if possible as I'm terrible for forgetting to send stuff back.



  • I had to go a size smaller on gap maternity stuff, and I got leggings from a mat store in medium when I'm normally a large in normal clothes (16 normally).  I was given a pair of h&m jeans that fit perfectly in my normal size, though.  I think it depends on the store, but I also think my SIL bought loads of asos maternity stuff, and I don't think she bought smaller.... Sorry I'm no help.

  • Asos are normal sizes in my opinion.

    I find topshop jeans fine in my normal size though too. Although I do wear their normal jeans too, so maybe it's the fit rather than the size?

  • I am a 14/16 usually and the maternity dress I kept was the 14 and I returned the 16. But it was very 'pregnant-y' so lots of space at the front for a bump. Not sure on a different style. And it was longer than I thought. Think I hadn't clocked that the model in the pic was super tall.

  • Thanks all. I've gone with size smaller... fingers crossed!

  • I have a few things from asos maternity and would say it depends on the style of what you are buying. I bought everything in my normal dress size and found the loose style of clothing quite big and the tight fitting tube dresses quite snug but I wouldn't want them any bigger. I have baggy jumper and it kinda swamps me and I'd rather it a size smaller in retrospect! I thought I'd grow into things but I've remained quite neat! Sorry not sure if that's helpful or not!!

  • It is, thanks. This dress looks like the type that could drown you if too big so played it safe and sized down. Its probably the sort of dress I'd buy in a smaller size normally now I've thought about it / looked at the way it sits etc properly.

  • I reckon it'll be fine then. I find asos easy for returns though as it's free and they offer a collect plus service - our local pick up point is round the corner (in an off license unfortunately for me!!)

  • Ooh, link the dress you've bought?

  • Very cute dress!

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