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Hi everyone - it's years since I was a member and I no longer have my old log in details so have created a new log in etc.

I am hoping you might all help me.  

For background - I'm Emma, I have a two year old little girl and I am also doing a Masters degree in HR.  It's a research masters and my topic is women's experience of maternity leave. 

I have spoken with Sarah at Mumdrum and she has very kindly said that it is okay for me to post a link to my survey.  It will genuinely take less than ten minutes to complete.  It is very straight forward questions - with the option to add additional comments along the way if you like to.  The more comments, the higher quality the information the better the research will be.  

The research is entirely academic, it is anonymous and at this stage purely for my Masters degree.  However, if I can get enough quality research that is valid and robust I would ideally like to pursue funding to take it to PhD level so that it can be published and hopefully have a beneficial impact on how maternity is viewed and treated in the workplace.

If you can spare ten minutes to help with this research I would REALLY appreciate it.  There is also a prize draw for £30 of mothercare vouchers that everyone who completes the survey and leaves their details will be entered into.

The link is

Thank you so, so, so much - any help would be very gratefully received.  If you have any questions, queries or want more information on what I am doing then please let me know. 

Emma x


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