At the end of my tether - sleep related (what else?!)

P was in a really good nighttime routine. She would have her bottle at 8, I put her to bed at 8.30 awake and she self settled to sleep, then woke at 8am.

Then on Sunday night it all changed and i have no idea why. Now even if i put her in bed asleep she wakes instantly sobbing. I cant get her to go down at all. I go in and reassure her with minimal stimulation, she has her slumber buddy on as she always has but still nada. Last night i had to walk away because i felt so tired and angry. Tonight is night 3 and more of the same. Its not just whinging, this is full on hysterical crying. Dont think its teething or anything else medically wrong because the second i go in she stops. Sunday night she went off after 2 hours of screaming at 10.30 then woke again hollaring at 11.30. Got her to sleep again and she woke again at 4am. I gave up and put her in our bed where she slept fine but i got no sleep at all.

I dont know what to do next. This is night 3 and she is up there screaming. I cant take much more. I have had 3 nights of no sleep and i am at the end of my rope and out of ideas.

Any advice very much appreciated :-(

Thank you x


  • T has just gone through this - I put it down to 9 month sleep regression - I feel your pain. It lasted for us 4 weeks and soon after he was crawling/cruising. Awful when you know they can sleep but refuse too, hugs it improves soon.

  • She did start crawling at the weekend. I wondered if it was separation anxiety?

  • It does sound like separation anxiety. I think S went through a similar phase at that age. It'll soon pass, but just won't feel like it at the mo. You can only reassure her and try to settle her back down. Hugs. X

  • A went through this not so long ago. It lasted a week maybe and stopped as quickly as it started, so hope it's over for you soon!

  • We've been through this a few times with C, most recently after Christmas when she went back to nursery after time at home as a family.  I generally just let her fall asleep on me, or stay with her until she falls asleep, whatever it takes to get her to sleep, then after a few days normality normally returns and we switch back to the ususal routine which she is so used to she just accepts it.

    Good luck, hope you get some sleep soon.


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