Autumn Rose

Hiya! We're about the same period along now, and both started feling movements really early if I recall? I was 10.5/11 weeks at first and getting a few every evening and most days and loving it. I had a minor panic when it all stopped, but the midwife said all was fine at my 17 week appointment. I then had a few movements but it's all gone to nothing again.

I got the doppler out 2 nights ago (borrowed from a friend), my policy is not to use it unless I get *really* worried. And I did. Heartbeat was fine, still nothing seems to be going on. And I am very unlikely indeed to have a wee one

Have your movements continued consistently? And bult up? I've got my scan Monday and am petrified (again!!)


  • I get so excited when I get a thread with my name on!! Hehe

    Nope they haven't been consistent. In the last week or so I'd say they have been daily but not to the same extent each day. Some days baby is very busy and some days just te odd nudge. Up until the last week I had days as says with very little. I think it's completely normal at this point.

    I have periods of worrying about it but that's part of the pregnancy deal. constant worry!! If you've found the hb then that is fabulous, you're lucky scan is so soon. Mine is 2 weeks still.

  • Thanks AR - I was just spoilt for all of those weeks then ha ha. You're right about the worry, I definitely never worried this much before, it's crazy, lol. Your 2 weeks will be up very soon!!!

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