B & B or self catering with a toddler?

I'm looking at last min deals for next week - I'm liking the look of Cofu I think! Anyway it's been such a long time since I've been on holiday I'm trying to remember what facilities B&B accommodation have. My 18 month old will eat almost anything so I'm not worried about her eating the buffet at breakfast & I always love the idea of someone else cooking I was just trying to work out if I need to have a room with a fridge. She's not a massive milk drinking but I guess we'll need to have some in the room for her & also somewhere to keep snacks like fruit & water cool. When you go B&B do they usually have fridges in the room?

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  • We're going to book self catering so aren't tied to feeding times etc.

    If N wakes at 5 and wants breakfast at 6, we don't need to get dressed and leave the room, can give him breakfast in the room, and get ourselves sorted in our own time.

    In my experience it will totally depend on the hotel if there is a fridge in the room.

  • How are prices looking for next week Blackcat? I'm guessing you won't pay for the toddler as she's under 2, wondering how late I should leave it to book?

  • We did a B&B back in Feb, albeit oop north.  Our son isn't massively into milk tbh so we just made sure he had some at breakfast and if it was an option when eating out he'd have it then too.

    As for water in the room, does it need to be cold? Snackwise we had go-ahead biscuit bars and raisins which he loves, and then just grabbed clementines from breakfast, a banana etc and again, just made sure he had fruit when we went out.

    To be honest, a week of eating slightly badly won't hurt.

  • Hepburn, there are a few good deals out there (not as cheap as I'd like but then I'm very tight with money!!)

    IDC, it wasn't that water had to be really cold I just didn't want it to very warm & was worried if I bought fruit to snack on it'd go off. Not worried if she doesn't eat as healthy for a week there'll be plenty of fruit to eat wherever we go.

    Think I'll prob go B&B as they seem to be the same price in many cases!

  • We always go self catering, even when we only had one child. You could ask for a fridege to be put in your room, I guess, if you went B&B

  • I'd go self catering tbh.  Not all B&B hotels will have fridges, and after 2 weeks HB with no fridge for my two, i wouldn't do it again.

  • I'm another that would go self catering. I might think differently if AI or something but for just breakfast id rather have a fridge in the room.

  • Also if self catering you'd be more likely to get an apartment rather than just a room which males life easier for you in the evenings once LO is in bed

  • We're going to Corfu in September and have gone self catering for the facilities and the flexibility on times. TBH I'm never excited by package holiday hotel food and would much rather make our own or eat out

  • Self catering every time, so much easier to have kitchen and fridge. Corfu is lovely by the way, I've been several times and we've taken Eleni there when she was a baby.

  • Always self-catering when lad was young. Liked the flexibility :)

  • Self catering here for the facilities but most places offer upgrades to b&b or HB now so you could probably do that. Hotel breakfasts make me fat as I have about 5 courses!

  • Thanks ladies, unfortunately I had a call for my hubby to say that there's more wrong with the car than we thought (just put it in for a service) so he reckons we can't afford it but now I've got all excited about it I'm sure I can convince him!! Especially if I explain how much cheaper it'll be self catering!!

  • You'll have to buy food even if you're at home...

    (Hope you can still go!)

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