Baby and toddler sharing a room

L is still in with us and we're ready to move her. We do have a nursery (which is a tip at the moment) but storage space is at a premium in our house. I thought of having L and O (2.5 years) share a room whilst we have the nursery used as a guest/storage room. Is it practical having them in together?  L is sleeping through so she shouldn't wake O, and I'm hoping that the presence of L will help with O's sleep (not waking up and coming through to our bed in the middle of the night). I'm just wondering what other people's experiences have been like.


  • My 2 have been in the same room since my youngest was about 8 months and my eldest was 27 months. They are still in together now even though we have another room. They will be moving into their own rooms at the end of the year at 3.5 and 5. We have never had any great problems with them disturbing each other and they are very close wee pals.

    ETA - also neither of them have EVER come out of their bed or the room after I have put off the lights and shut the door!.... runs of to touch wood

  • We're planning on this too as we only have a 2 bed house. Hope someone has had a positive experience doing this x

  • Our two eldest have always shared a room since youngest was 6 months old (eldest was 29 months).  They are 6 and 4 now and don't know any different, I think they'd miss each other if one of them wasn't there.  Wasn't any problem when we put them in together, both slept just fine or certainly no worse than they had before.

  • Daisy

    We're planning on this too as we only have a 2 bed house. Hope someone has had a positive experience doing this x


  • We've done it we had no choice as we only have a two bed house, M is 2yr 3month and C is 7month, i was dreading it but it's actually gone a lot better than i thought! i will admit they do ocasionally wake each other up, but if we hear one of them we try to get in there quick before the other one wakes up!

  • Sorry for not getting back to this sooner, thanks for the replies. It seems a positive thing to do and H said to me today that we should give it a go, we've nothing to lose x

  • We only have a 2 bedroom house so ours share too. S is 3 and M is 1 and it has gone better than I expected. M still wakes a couple of times in the night but rarely wakes S up.

  • My youngest sister who is 21 who shared with my other sister till she was 16 still misses sharing her room with her bigger sister and likes christmas when she shares with 2 of my sisters. I liked sharing with my sister till i was 13 and wanted my own space. Personally I think it teaches you lots of things having to share space, which can only be a good thing.

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