Baby classes - what did you do?

Ladies, would appreciate any advice on baby classes, like massage, swimming etc. what did you do and how did you manage?


  • We went to baby massage, a couple of stay and plays at the children's centre and a music group. I'm not sure what you mean by manage xxx

  • We did swimming from 20 weeks too x

  • We went to a post natal group at the local Children's Centre once a week from when F was 2/3 weeks old up until 6 months. I really enjoyed this group - F would spend most of it asleep but it was lovely to chat to others and just the walk there and back made a huge difference.

    When F was around 8 weeks old, we started a 5 week baby massage class. It wasn't really the best time of day for F as he spent most of each class crying or being fed but I met some lovely mums and one of which I see regularly now.

    At 9 weeks old we took F to a baby floatation session. F was so relaxed in the water he ended up falling asleep floating! We signed up to weekly swimming classes from 12 weeks old and still go now at 18 months. The centre we go to is quite expensive but it's so worth it. F loves the water and we often meet others there for lunch or a play on their indoor or outdoor play areas.

    We went to a music and movement group a few times which was good but I think F will benefit more from that now he's a little older, so we might give it a go again at some point.

    We tried various other mother and baby/toddler groups and it took us a while to find the ones we enjoyed but we eventually got into a nice little routine with it all.

  • Baby massage was good - useful for knowing about helping with wind (and meeting other mums). We did swimming for about 6 months and then we did baby signing which was very good and probably my favourite as it had various elements to it and also my son could pair it Mr Tumbles action s

  • I did baby massage classes with both of mine, I now take my own classes so it was certainly worthwhile!

    We started toddlers when my first was about 6 weeks old and I still go now 5 years later with my youngest. We did a story/singing group in the library which they loved. A did toddler gymnastics from 18 months-2 years.

  • We did Puddleducks swimming from 6 weeks old (now on holiday for the summer, but will start back in September), we are also starting "SIng and SIgn" in September, I don't do any other formal groups but tend to meet up with my NCT friends a couple of times a week.  We are also currently doing a 3 week baby massage course at the local children's centre, which is good fun.

  • Wow! All of you hats off! I still don't manage anything other than meeting NCT ladies on my own! All of these classes sound fab, I think because I've had a couple of bad experiences going out its knocked my confidence (extreme vomiting incident at a restaurant to name one) and he just cries and cries sometimes I just think what's the point sometimes! Haha

  • we did baby massage last time and I went to a breastfeeding support group this time which was nice more to meet other mums but had to return to work quite early so can't do any now! When there older I've always done playgroup, rhyme times and jo jingles etc.

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