Baby facing in when in sling

I have a close caboo dx for O, he'll happily go in it (usually!) but he's not a fan of having his face to the side, he just keeps his face in the way against me. His nose is clear and he has a dummy in which I can see/feel moving but I worry about him being face against me. Does anyone else's LO do this? I try turning his head gently but he gets fussy, tries to flap his arms and all I achieve is waking him up of annoying him. If I do get his head slightly turned he just turns it back again!


  • Dd2 used to do this. I just kept readjusting her head til she kept it to the side. But she never got angry at me. If she falls asleep on me she always burries her head in too. Must be a comfort thing.

  • Yeah , no advice but ... It's give baby a realty "shot" at getting puke straight down your cleavage!!! :-(
  • We have the same sling! She usually turns her head to the side but on our walk yesterday she squashed her face into my chest, i kept checking she was still breathing ok!!
  • Orla normally keeps her face facing inwards as well.  Never concerned me to be honest, I can feel she's breathing.

  • I think that as long as you are alert to any changes in breathing, it's ok.x

  • M does this. She likes to snuggle into my boobs! I just poke her when I can't hear her. Luckily (!) my girl is a loud snorer so I'm generally covered!

  • Thanks ladies, good to hear he's not the only one, I'll keep trying to persevere with turning him, he might get the gist! X

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