Baby food pouches

How bad is it to use these?

F doesn't seem to like my cooking :( but will happily eat half an Ella's Kitchen or Plum pouch. How bad is it to give him these until he gets a bit more used to eating? Or does anyone have any tips to make my attempts more appealing. I have made single flavours and some of Annabel Karmel's recipes.

I am also offering finger foods which my dogs are very excited about as they mostly end up on the floor! Slippy bananas are a challenge for the most dexterous of adults never mind babies!


  • We used pouches, we just picked the ones with no added nasties. H would often eat those and not my cooking and they're so easy when out and about.  I just told myself they can't be that bad and you have to do what works for you

  • Thanks LM, I keep reading the ingredients as F can't have milk products but seems hard to believe there is nothing added to them. Especially considering there seems to be negativity towards them. I'll keep trying him with my own stuff as well, he'll eventually have to eat it as the dairy free choices are limited.

  • My LO was just the same. I'd spend ages lovingly preparing something for him only for him to spit it out! He'd wolf down Ella's Kitchen though! I think sometimes you just have to go with it.

  • J was a big Ella's kitchen fan too, they didn't seem to have anything bad in them so I didn't worry too much. We mostly used them for out and abouts as they were dead easy to transport.

  • I think these days the EK and plum are fab,  organic with little added. My E regularly has a fruit one,  probably three a week, I don't think she'd eat the food as we blw and she has to feed herself them.

    In regards to them being "bad", the only reason I give them limited is.. a pouch may have ten or more pureed fruit to get that quantity of puree,  whereas if I gave fruit,  she'd not finish more than one. So lots of sugar,  natural occurring sugar,  but sugar even so.  Also,  the meals,  especially the first age,  are mostly mixed with sweet things, which is why a LO would struggle to then have homemade foods/puree, as they expect sweetness with everything. Eg some of theKEK 1st stage are:" red pepper, apple and sweet potato",  "green beans, apple and raison", "butternut squash,  apples,  peas and prunes". Again all natural sugars but IMO needless.

    As I say,  I wouldn't let it put me off,  E has the fruit as a snack for when we are on the go, but if you want an honest answer as to why I wouldn't use the meals,  it's above iyswim.

  • could you start by mixing your purees in with the pouches to help him get used to yours?

  • Tried mixing my own BNS with pear today and he was a bit more receptive so will keep trying homemade but not stress too much about giving the pouches. Thanks all.

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