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Some of you know that my very young SIL is pregnant. She is single, lives with PIL and has a PT job as a carer so can't afford the many things she wants (and neither can my in laws). We have offered to buy the car seat for her but I want to pull a baby hamper together for her too. Was thinking some nice organic baby bath products (Burts Bees or any recs appreciated), a couple of cloth nappies as I want her to try them, muslins, babygrows with zips rather than poppers as they sell them cheaply here and I much prefer them to poppers, dribble bibs... what else can I get? It's a girl if that makes a difference.


  • cellular blanket, cuddly toy. what about something for the mum like nice bath products?

  • I'm guessing you are avoiding cash but what about a gift card for baby clothes for when baby is a bit bigger we found we were given loads of tiny clohes (more than needed really) but then had to have a bigger shopping spree when baby grew.

    A nice blanket for pram trips etc,

    Hand cream, skin lotion nice shower gel for mum so she feels less frazzeled

  • We loved our Lamaze firefly toy as a toy for the pram, when we were out and about and just general comfort. It was our best gift, q small and cheap on amazon plus it grows with baby.

    Not sure on your budget but how about a grobag as well for her to try? My lo has never liked cuddly toys, they just sit on the shelf.

    Rattle type toy?

  • Will add new mum products to the list, blanket too, I've decided to get clothes 6m onwards as we had the same issue Drifter! Lameze toy is a good idea too! I might get one of TSC to make a taggy for her. We are avoiding vouchers/money as I want to do this relatively cheaply if possible. I have 6 Grobags that she can have LM, thanks for reminding me!

  • In my nephews I did:

    Wipes, nappy cream, shampoo, baby bath and cotton wool.

    Vests, sleep suits, socks, soft trousers, hats, scrath MIT's and cardi.

    Story book, luggage tag, passport holder, teething toys

    Blanket, hooded towel, facecloth, bibs and muslin squares

    Think that's it.

  • I was going to suggest a taggy. I always always appreciate chocolate!  

  • Taggy would have been so appreciated here too. On a practical note is she someone who would sling? I'd have loved someone to buy me (or even tell me about) a Moby! I'd have loved a baby record book too (though fussy about the kind). Sock-ons have been fab here, and pretty patterned muslins, it's the little things for us too - thermometers, gro-eggs, swaddle blanket,. Sophie the girrafe is obviously an essential too. And is it awful of me to suggest a dummy? A baby einstein DVD too, again I know personal preferance there. A white noise toy (we had a violet bear, which was much cheaper than a slumber bear but the same idea).

  • Oh yes a sling would be the BEST gift good one LM!

  • My friend made me up a hamper of emergency baby products like teething gels and powders, olbas oil, snuffles etc which only mummies know you need and have saved me running to tesco on a number of occasions. She also included a little nail trimming set.

    My auntie also did one with Mr Bump bruise soother, cutlery etc for when he is a bit older and my cousin did me a swimming themed one with wetsuit, rubber ring and nappies.

  • Me again! Above post reminded me about stuff my SIL put in that id never have thought of, teething gel, calpol, cough syrup, nasal spray, early teethers, sudocream, metaniun

  • Chocolates added Laugh

    I plan to offer her my Caboo if she wants to sling but I'm not convinced she will. We have a Gro Egg she can have too. She has been really grateful of second hand offers, but most of our stuff is still immaculate.

    I avoid baby record books- we were given 6! I will pop a dummy in, she can take it or leave it. I was thinking a Baby Einstein DVD so added to the list! I'm suggesting my mum get her Sophie as she will want to send a little something to her.

    I'll also add all the 'emergency' lotions and potions and have thought I might include a Cheeky Wipes starter pack (MIL is going to love my influence when it comes to the washing!)

    You lot are brilliant but I fee this may cost more than I initially planned Laugh

  • LM and MS- you're bad influences!! I went shopping this morning and bought baby e DVDs, very very girly baby grow (hope the gender scan was right!) , Bepanthen, new mum spa set and have just ordered the Little Miss library!!

  • My Mum did a hamper for when I had J.

    It had toiletries, clothes, blankets, bibs, hats, scratch mits, socks, weaning stuff (bowls, plates, cutlery, disposable bibs), nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, sudocrem, muslins, baby nail clippers, teddy, rattles/teethers, new baby photo frame.

    My Mums God daughter has just found out she is having a girl. She's only 17, bless her, so this thread has come in handy for things I can give her (I was the same age when pg with C, and can remember how grateful I was for every little thing I was given.)

  • I think that's how SIL feels. I've got a few things she can have and BIL has left a play gym and Moses basket for her to use. She cried when I said we would buy the car seat for her. It must be so scary AK, I can't imagine doing this alone at such a young age.

    I've seen some novelty 'shoe socks' that I loved for E so will get those and add a few weaning bits. I love the rubber Tommee Tippee bibs for travelling so think I'll get her one of those too.

  • They have loads of Tommee Tippee stuff in poundland.

  • I'll have to have a look when I'm over next month!

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