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Has anyone got a baby monitor they'd really recommend please or had a recommendation for a certain one? It's the last thing to get on our list but a bit clueless as to what to get! We're looking to spend no more than £75 at the most really I guess!

Argos currently have a Motorola video one half price at £44.99??


  • We had a video monitor for Zoe and the video element gave me loads of reassurance because she sleeps on a different floor to us so was good to be able to see what was going on.  In fact we still use it now (she's 4.5 yrs old) to keep an eye on her when she is playing in her bedroom just to make sure she isn't causing too much destruction.  

    Having looked at the Argos offer one you mention I wouldn't choose it because the screen is so small.  We definitely needed the big screen to be able to see her properly.

  • We have the BT250 and its fine. The sound on it is clear, I can hear her breathing on it even since we moved the baby unit to the other side of her room. There's no need to rush to get a monitor though. We didn't buy one until we moved E into her own room at 6 months.

  • We have the angel care sensor mat one. I have loved having a sensor mat and really wouldn't be without it. We got ours on amazon for about £70 i think

  • Thanks for your replies ladies!

    I'm not worried about a video element it was just because that Motorola one was cheap so wondered how it would compare even if we didn't really use the video function on it!

    I think we're narrowed it down now to the BT Pacifier or the Tomy Digital Plus just not sure whether the BT one warrants the extra £25 over the Tomy one!

    The Angelcare ones look good but seem more expensive as the cheapest one doesn't have 2 way talk back which would be favourable I think! I want to get on and get a monitor as think it will help me relax etc if I pop out of the room while he's sleeping etc!

  • We have angelcare mat one and use it with our son (minus mat). When baby comes they will have that one. Hubby got Motorola one with 2 cameras + parent unit cheap in Aldi the other day. It was £35 or something? We just want to use it to check our son hasn't got out of bed to read books, which he has been known to do on occasion!

  • We have a BT one, can't remember which and the most useful options for me have been the ability to turn on lullabies and/or a light from the parent mobile bit.  I have found it has often settled the girls before I even get to them ( i usually still check on them regardless).

    stripey is right though, you have plenty of time to get one as we didn't use ours until 6 months plus, and technology can change quite a lot in that time, you never know what might be available by then ...


  • We have a tomy monitor. Can't fault it. Would definitely recommend.  Was only around £35 it has talk back, night light, lullabies and Its very sensitive as I can hear Isla breathing through it.

  •  I am doing my research as well. I'm leaning towards Hello Baby HB32. There is quite good review on if you want to get some information on it or other monitors

  • I had, Cocoon Cam Plus - Baby Monitor and i was really happy about that. Here it is, 

    get more ideas and reviews from here,

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