Baby name books, any recs?

H won’t discuss names properly until I buy a book, so I’m just looking now but there’s so much choice!

Which do you have? 


  • I never used a book.

    End credits of films/TV programmes is where I looked, and the internet, obvs.

  • If it was up to me I wouldn't, I’ve got loads of apps, but he says it’s ‘not the same’.

  • Nymbler and nameberry websites were very useful as rather than reading through a dictionary of names they make suggestions based on what other names you like. And they're free!

  • Also if you go on the ONS website you can download spreadsheets with all the names used and how often they were used for the previous years.

    If he insists on a book check out your local library, ours has loads.

  • I've got a couple I could post to you if you want? They're not outstanding but there's a few ideas in there and it'll get the ball rolling with your H

  • Thanks for the suggestions ladies.

    Oh thank you MamaD that’s a really kind offer. I’ve shown H the websites BG mentioned and he seems quite interested (especially the stats one) so I may have got away with it :) Thanks so much though xx

  • I got a few out from the library

  • A colleague gave me some books, one of which had a chapter on 'cool' names and even 'made up'names. Yep that's right! Also happy to send you the books if u want them. We chose our names at 7 weeks so didn't use them!

  • Made up names?! That’s bonkers! Thanks Mrs B, he still seems happy on this website so far! Might give you a shout if he changes his mind :) x

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