Baby passport

Thinking of getting H a passport. I can't see a definitive anseer on the government website but do they last 5years? Is that even with a baby picture?

how long do they usually take to process?


  • Yes they last 5 yrs.  Zoe (and many a passport official) find hers very amusing - she was 2 weeks old in the picture and is now 4.5 yrs.  Doesn't look quite the same.

    Actually that reminds me hers needs renewing and Orla is going to need one too.

  • We got one recently and it took ages. However that may be because both H and I were born after 1983 so they need to do extra checks. I asked a family friend to be the signatory person (that's not the right word, he basically had to sign the photo of A and confirm that he's known me x years and he knows A) and they wrote to him at his address but he was away for a few weeks.

  • Yes 5 yrs. A is 5 days old in her photo! Squidgy, wrinkled newborn! We took her to Anerica at 6 weeks old and she already looked nothing like the photo. Now at nearly 5 it could be any child at all.

    Makes me really angry how expensive it is for 5 years!

  • We sent Heidi's off about 10 days ago. I've had a text from them to say they have received it and it is being processed.

    They said to allow 5/6 weeks IIRC.

  • WE got A's in March, when he was about 4 weeks old, and it was back with us in a couple of weeks.  It's probably slower at the start of the summer holidays as people are getting them done last minute for their holidays!

    We paid for the post office to check the form too, and they guaranteed the photo as they took it for us  don't know if that speeds things up at all.

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