Baby proofing HELP!

I don't know where to start!

My main anxiety is sharp edges and surfaces, like our marble fire place, right on floor level - hard surface, sharp corners, owch, owch, owch! I thought about getting a big fireguard but as we don't really use the fire, it seems a bit extreme. Would something like this suffice?

I know we need stair gates, that's on my to do list, and we have lots of plug socket thingys. I'm in the process of removing things S might (read - already has) pulled on top of himself, like big vases on the floor, and H is going to secure our book case to the wall, but I feel like I'm going to miss something crucial and like we don't have the time to do a proper job of making things safe. I feel like we need to set up home in the garden for the next year!

If anyone can share any tips or advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


  • The only things we did were to put cupboard locks on the kitchen cupboards, stair gates, plug socket thingmebobs and then just removing anything that might be dangerous like the wine bottles in the wine rack!

    We didn't really have many sharp edges as such and luckily he was never bothered by the fireplace.

  • Maybe those things you put in doors so they can't shut the door on their fingers?

    If you have blinds tie the string up very high.

    Our main thing was getting out of the habit of leaving cups of tea on the floor

  • Good thread! We need to do this asap!

  • Hey Lamby.

    We've been mulling this one over too! So far we've done stair gates, cupboard lock for the cleaning cupboard and got some foam bits for the coffee table corners. B isn't crawling still but can move about in her own way. We also plan to empty accessible drawers and tables etc of the more dangerous/choking hazards and tidy away wires, that sort of thing. We have a fire-guard around the grate as it would definitely cause grief if fallen on (we haven't even used the fire this winter either). We ummed and aahed over (but aren't bothering with) socket covers as I read somewhere they can cause more harm than good, but who knows really? We have got a wooden play-pen to keep mischief at bay when my back's turned.

    Good luck, we may well be joining you in the garden! :-)

  • Will be watching this closely as he can't crawl yet but found him trying to eat a candle he found his way too!

  • B is 14 months and we've been slowly doing his, so far we've got stair gates, drawer locks and today I've just  had to order oven door locks as B opened the oven when it was on and I was terrified! I've also ordered a hob guard as well, just in case!!

  • We didn't do much if I'm honest.  There is a school of thought that in the UK the safety plugs are actually not needed, you would have to put something in the top hole and the bottom hole to unlock it to be able to get an electric shock, but it just felt wrong not to have them.  We put door locks on the cupboard under the sink where the cleaning stuff was kept and the bathroom cabinet with medicines etc.  I deliberately had one cupboard in the kitchen that she could have free reign of so with pans, plastic tubs etc.

    I was paranoid about her reaching up to the gas hob so we had a plastic guard that goes across the front of it.  I actually liked it for myself as I had a tendence to lean to close and get a bit hot :lol;

    As for everything else, well we figured she would learn. And she did, eventually.  

    This is a good website

  • We didn't do loads tbh. I feel like there is a balance between safety and them having to learn they can't touch certain things. We had a lock on the cupboard under the sink, a stair gate on the landing but not the top and moved breakable/dangerous things from low shelves. That's it really.
  • Stair gate on the landing but not at the bottom that should say!
  • We have a stair gate on our kitchen doorway and also some plastic cover things that go over the knobs on the oven, ours is a low level oven and I was concerned that they may start turning the oven on. Brought them from toys r us I think

  • Can I just ask what type of door locks you bought...they all look like a faff/effort to fit! (lazy icon!)

  • Thanks everyone - there's some stuff mentioned I had thought of then forgotten about, and some stuff I hadn't thought of at all, eek!

    JB - That site is great, thanks.

    Gopher - Sam can only crawl backwards (bless him), but gets around quickest through turning and shuffling, it scares me how fast he will be when he can crawl properly so I think I need to get my skates on! Good luck to you too / see you in the garden :)

    Noodle 08 - Ha and eek at the candle! I didn't realise how many loose wires are hanging around until S has started chewing them :/

    Smarties - The less faff the better wrt fitting stuff for us too please!

    Although I agree at striking a balance between being safe and learning - e.g. we are going to put the bottom stair gate part way up so he has some experience of stairs, I wouldn't dare leave big, serious things to chance. I'd much rather be a bit cautious than hope he learns quickly. We are letting him get on with pulling things off shelves like DVDs etc. but I feel there's enough as it is for him to 'learn from' - banged heads on radiators and doors to mention his current favourite, without us leaving a lot of other stuff to chance!

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