Baby rice at 7 weeks!

Went swimming with F today and someone in the pool commented on his size compared to her 7 week old granddaughter who is "twice his size" and is already eating baby rice! I almost choked. No wonder she is twice his size if she is eating baby rice already, what goes through some people's minds? Has the HV not advised that she is far too young? Poor baby having rice shovelled into her!


  • Wrongity wrong!

    I've heard a lot of similar stories lately. Why? 7 weeks is a tiny baby, it's still getting used to drinking milk.

  • Absolutely ridiculous and makes me angry and sad

  • That's terrible, poor baby. I think I would have said something.

  • A girl I work with, who happens to be a qualified nurse and mW started putting baby rice in her sons bottle at 8 weeks because "it was unacceptable for him to keep waking her in the night". Its awful!

  • People are selfish nob heads and do these things for their own benefit, not for their child's. It makes me really cross.

  • Oh my god! Where are peoples brains!? W is twice the size of babies his age, and I wouldn't dream of giving him baby rice!

  • S is utterly massive but he's happy enough on bf and ff.

    early weaning should only be done under medical instruction IMHO. And even then certainly not that early! Big s was weaned at 17 weeks because his reflux was horrendous so the consultant recommended it

  • The world is full of these people. Agree with DS, such a selfish thing to do...

  • It's so sad. I'm on a local fb group and the number of mums weaning from 1-2 weeks old as their babies are 'hungry' and their mums did it to them and they're fine and the old "mum knows best" erm clearly not as baby rice or rusks at 7 days old is just not right :-(

  • That's awful!! I heard some girls the other day bragging their baby's were only on 2 bottles ... at 8 weeks old.  Why do people want their baby's to grow up so fast!!

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