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Baby Shower gifts - sorry if this has been done lots before!


I am going to 2 baby showers next week and I'm so confused on what to get for gifts!  At first I was going to buy clothes for both but when speaking to someone at work (who has children) she said it would be better to get something they will need for the baby or some nice baby shampoos etc.  I've seen some nice sets on John Lewis but I'm worried about buying products for the baby as you never know, they might have senstive skin or the parents might not want to use them.  So as most of you are parents or expectant parents, what gift would you like or have you liked at baby showers?  Budget is around £40 for each gift.

Thank you!


  • I dont agree with baby showers so i would be inclined to wait for the baby to be born to give a gift.  It all seems a bit odd to me handing presents over to a baby that hasnt arrived.

  • I agree with not getting clothes, as babys get SO many clothes for presents and its nice to have something more useful. Also, like you have said, products can be difficult as you don't know what the parents want to use.

    I've heard many people rave about poddle pods and grobags, they are supposed to be really good for baby sleeping. Also heard good reviews for the gro egg room thermometer, or what about a nice sophie giraffe teether?

  • Vikster79

    I dont agree with baby showers so i would be inclined to wait for the baby to be born to give a gift.  It all seems a bit odd to me handing presents over to a baby that hasnt arrived.

    This. I'd be tempted to just give a card, then give a present once baby is born

  • I'm with Vikster79 - I went to one with nothing. I just don't feel comfortable handing presents over until a baby has arrived safely into the world.

  • How about a nice photo album for baby's first pics? Or a nice frame. Then poss some nice chocs for mum?

  • Thanks for all your replies!  I did wonder about maybe getting something for the mums instead of the babies or maybe just something small for the babies.

    Mummysimpson - my friend at work also suggested the room thermometer, I also like the idea of the girafe!

  • My friend threw me a baby shower, and instead of presents, she asked everyone to bringa book that they loved from their childhood or from reading to their own kids.  It's a fab idea and A now has a fantastic collection of books, from the Hungry Caterpillar, to the Gruffalo.

    If you are buying a present I would go with a grobag, just make sure you consider age/season when choosing the TOG.

  • I'd LOVE a baby shower, but just the act of it. A nice posh afternoon tea and some girlfriends, lots of laughs. I think the gifts are for baby, once baby arrives. If you must buy a gift I think a treasured book of fairy tales or similar is ideal.

  • That is a lovely idea smashedcrap so thoughtful!

    Counter they are both afternoon teas :-) I have just re-read the invitation to one and it does say no gifts so will not buy anything for baby. I think I will take something small for baby and for mum to the other one as I know others are taking gifts.

    Thanks again for all your advice, it's great to hear other opinions on these things.

  • I'd take something for mum. Just to throw a curveball though having lost a baby I'm not superstitious about giving baby gifts before they are born.

  • Thank you for sharing your view on this Pip, sorry to hear you lost a baby. xxx

  • Workinghard got me some lovely Mum to Be things from the Sanctuary and H's godmothers gave me a mini bottle of champagne and chocolates for me. Lovely!

  • Not quite the same situation but my friend went on ML from work recently and I opted to get her Neal's Yard lavender bath stuff and some chocolates. I then got her a gift when baby was here. It wasn't particularly out of superstition, just knew that people were getting her lots of baby stuff and thought it would be nice for her to have some stuff to treat herself with before baby arrived.

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