Baby waking in the night...any tips?

Ben is 8 months and has started for the last 3 nights waking up in the night as he has pooed, he then needs a bottle to go back to sleep, any tips on what we can do? I know I can't control when he poos, but any tips would be appreciated! 


  • CAn't help with the pooing - when A poos during the night he wakes up quite upset about it.

    Is he hungry, or just feeding for comfort?  If it's just for comfort could you try encouraging him to self settle?  I've been working on this with A, with some success, although it's taken ages.  we started with rocking him (in our arms) and talking really quietly - the theory is that if they want to hear your voice for comfort, then they have to be quiet to do it.  At the start it took up to an hour to settle him this way, but if I offered him a feed he would literally feed for a couple of minutes so we knew it wasn't hunger.  Once he was settling quickly in this way, we then moved to patting him and talking to him to settle him, this took up to 20 minutes.  Once this was down to a few minutes we then moved onto not going to him, just talking to him.  He now usually self settles during the night, but the process has taken nearly 4 weeks so far.  And if he is upset then we still pick him up to settle him, and if it is his hungry cry then I feed him.

    Also, A has a sheepy for comfort, and always has it for going to sleep, could you try something like that?

  • Where do you change him post poop? Do you keep lights as dim as can be, and keep him as snuggled as can be? I'd recommend PJs instead of a babygrow that can be pulled off and changed quickly, leaving the grobag on, sliding in a muslin as a change mat - theory being to keep her as sleepy as possible.

    We had this a lot when E had a bad tummy and i've give her a taggy comforter and she'd rub is across her eyes to keep them closed. Otherwise, can you examine his diet / do some poop encouraging excercises before bed?

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