Baby-proofing an open fire?

We have a small open fireplace in our cottage and B is 4 months, so need to look into making it safer. The fireguard we have is not going to do the job! Anyone have any recommendations at all?Thanks!


  • We have a wood burner - so not open - but whole thing obviously get hot! I looked at all sorts,of fireguards and eventually bought one from ..... Mothercare! Its an adjustable width to suit your room, deep & high and attaches to wall so can't be pulled away/over

  • That's the same as the one we've borrowed from brother in seemed to work well for their two girls

  • We use a playpen with wall fixings so that it is quite far out, our open fire gets very hot, so we keep the kids well away and the metal is far enough away so it goes get too hot, using the playpen also means we have a opening with the gate to get to the fire to keep it going.

  • Fab advice and suggestions, thanks all :-)

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