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Beauty treatments pre-labour

Did anyone have any? Or planning any? Are you fussed?

I like to look nice but am still reasonably low maintenance so the week before I had S, I got my eyebrows dyed and shaped. They looked so much better in the pictures I have of me with him when he was teeny!

I'm also going to have a pedicure done as it took me three days to do one myself when I was full term with S. I love pretty toes!

I'm largely unfussed by lady-garden maintenance though...out of sight, out of mind! I know lots of ladies who keep this up throughout pregnancy though.



  • I had regular bikini waxes in pregnancy, I was so fed up by 42 weeks I gave up (after having a vision of mani/pedi eyebrows etc done whilst on mat leave) on beauty treatments and hate my post birth pics now- I wish I'd made the effort so I say go for it

  • I actually wish I'd got my eyebrows done, I didn't even think about it!

    I did have shellac done on my fingers (nobody touches my feet!), which I wasn't sure if I'd get told off for by the midwife but it wasn't a problem. It was nice to have nice hands when the rest of me was feeling rubbish post labour.

    I remember shaving my legs when my contractions started! It took me about half an hour and I'm pretty sure I did a terrible job!

  • A mum to be massage (so worth it!) and a bikini wax. Did my own toe nails but was a feat of imaginative positions, and wish i'd got them done professionally. I'm now 10 weeks post birth and keep intending to get some treatments done to feel pampered, but cannot find the time x

  • I'm having my hair done on my first day of mat leave, and will probably book in for a manicure and my eyebrows sorting. Landscaping has become a thing of the past, I can't even see my bikini line and I couldn't handle getting it waxed! I'm of the opinion that however bad I look, the midwives will have seen worse!!

  • Ooh and I had a pre-natal massage 2 weeks ago, it was a christmas present and was totally amazing, I may book another in when I finsih with but it was £69 though so it's whether I can justify the cost.

  • Yes I had my hair done (knew it would be a while until I had the time again!) my toes gelled and my eyebrows done :-)

    OH offered to trim "down there" and then took the lot off!!!! I was bald!!! I am still mad at him now!

  • I had my hair done a few weeks before i went on mat leave, but that was about it.  This time round, i have no time, so anything i need done, i'll be doing myself i think!  I'm not that fussed for being primped for going to the hospital, but i'm going for an ELCS, so i'll be able to get up and go for a shower before going to the hospital which i'm glad about!

  • LP I just laughed out loud at your post! I can't believe your H robbed you like that!

    I had several pregnancy massages in the run up because of back pain and they were the best thing ever!

    Out of curiosity, what was the reason for any primping any of you had? Was it because you knew time would be hard to find once baby was here or was there an element of wanting to look at your best for post-birth pics? Mine was definitely the latter so no judgment! In the end, what with the forceps, PPH etc I still looked like I had been hit by a bus...

    I'm desperate for a water birth this time but concerned about how curly my hair will go WinkLaugh

  • I've always had my eyebrows and bikini line waxed monthly, so kept that up while pregnant. Post birth I've been doing my own, mostly due to being scared of waxing near section scar, but feeling ready now. I had a monthly massage while pregnant, but was only £32 so very affordable, and really eased my aches. I dyed my own hair last week, and got it cut at the weekend, feel so much better for it, it was so heavy so I got loads chopped off and now it's so light.

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