bed guards

Anyone got one on a toddler bed/cot bed? How have you got it attached? Thanks x


  • We didn't bother with a bed guard, just put spare blankets down 1st night & not had any problems in 1 1/2 months. Hope someone can help x

  • Yes, we had one on a cotbed. It was an adjustable size one (from Argos) and just fitted under cotbed mattress the same way it does under regular bed mattress.

    We did try without bedguard initially but she fell out a couple of tines (and woke up screaming) so dashed out to buy one, LOL
  • Same as HF x

  • Same as Blackkat.

    His toddler bed was low to the ground anyway, so if he fell, it wouldn't be far. I didn't get one, as I wanted him to learn the boundaries of his bed, without getting used to a guard.

  • Thanks everyone! I don't think the mattress was heavy enough not hold the poles down but it was nothing a bit of masking tape couldn't fix!

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